The cost of human life is priceless. Global enterprises and manufacturing facilities have not grown to a stage where worker injuries are eliminated.
The right to safety for workers in an industry is guaranteed by law in all advanced countries. Being one of India’s biggest industrial automation companies, Armstrong has the exact solution for ensuring safety standards for the workers.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the administrative agency that mandates secure workplaces to keep up with the protection measures. According to OSHA, “occupational safety and health standard” means a standard that needs conditions, or the selection or use of one or more applications, methods, operations or processes that are reasonably required or relevant to present safe or healthful employment and places of work. OSHA standards are enforced to provide employees with a workplace that is free of sharp risks to workers. It also guarantees that companies recognise and fix any safety and health difficulties identified in the workplace.

Human errors are the primary cause of industrial hazards. Next in line is machine failures. Machines in modern industry are large, and the failure of such things can significantly impact the machine’s vicinity. It is important to bypass machine breakdowns to guarantee the security of workers. Most machine failures occur during machine startup or shutdown. Following standard operating procedures for machine startup and shutdown significantly reduces the chances of machine failure. With Armstrong’s Industrial Automation expertise in the industry, they provide operational excellence effortlessness and leads towards innovative intralogistics and warehouse automation solutions by maintaining extra measures for worker’s safety and protection.

How Industrial Automation Secures the Workplace?

Automated processes work according to the conventional operating procedures without offering any variability. Hence, machines always work in optimal working states. A variation of such changes brought about by automation increases the life of appliances and decreases the risks of machine breakdown. This generates a safe working environment for employees.

The global Industrial Automation market size is projected at a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period 2021-2027. (Source: Valuates Reports)

Maintenance automation and predictive maintenance are a bit of improvement in industry 4.0. Maintenance automation makes sure that all maintenance projects of a plant are executed all the time seamlessly. Predictive maintenance uses troves of prior data to predict equipment failure. This prediction can be used to perform preventive maintenance activities and avoid machine failure.


Automation delivers a variety of goods that immediately or indirectly improve worker’s protection. An important number of lives can be thus spared by reducing the need for operators to be around machines.

It is worrying for some who miss jobs due to automation. On the contrary, industrial automation does subdue some jobs. At Armstrong, we follow the industry’s central machinery’s safety standards to guarantee safety without any failure.

However, with the introduction of automation, a more significant number of jobs are generated elsewhere. Even with the downsides, industrial automation is inevitable on any metric, particularly for worker’s protection.

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