How does a DA 100 or PMI/PBA certification help you?

DA 100 course

In an ever-so-competitive world of business, having an edge is always good. If you’re someone who is looking to advance their career in management, a PMI/PBA or DA 100 course is the perfect fit for you. Let’s take a look at both of these certifications and find out how they help you.

The DA 100 course

The business environment right now has grown to be extremely competitive. In this environment, companies use data analysis to stay ahead of their competitors. This is why they are keen on hiring data analysts for the job. To apply for a DA 100 course, you don’t need any specific certifications. If you’re familiar with MS Word, Excel, Sharepoint, etc., it’s an added advantage for you.

The DA 100 course helps you learn essential analysis skills like:

  • Preparation of data models
  • Learning how to improve data visualization
  • Analysis of data that is being accumulated
  • Deployment of deliverables and how to maintain them
  • Handling product development processes for businesses

After completion of the DA 100 training, you’ll be able to acquire a job as a senior data analyst in several reputed companies. Your updated skillet will allow you to add value to the businesses you work for by visualizing data for easier decision-making.

Getting a DA 100 certification from one of the leading online institutes is a good choice. These institutes focus on developing your skills and have tailor-made courses for working professionals.

PMI/PBA courses

The need for business analysis is growing. A PMI/PBA certification is the course you’d want to take if you’re looking to excel in this field. To join this certification program, you’ll need to have at least a secondary school degree, three years of experience in business analysis, and a bachelor’s degree in business analysis.

The PMI/PBA certification cost is really low compared to the skills that you get to learn. This course develops your knowledge of:

  • Understanding the business analysis process in-depth to solve complex problems and make decisions easily
  • Program management to deliver the best results for projects that you are in charge of
  • Product management core principles and methodologies to ensure that you can deliver a seamless experience for customers
  • Business task planning and organization along with in-depth knowledge of product development processes

We recommend you get this certification from the best online institutes available. The PMI/PBA certification cost is low as compared to offline classes. You get the same knowledge for a more affordable price.

If you’re looking to excel in your career in business analysis and consulting, these courses are a great option to get the right start. You can also use these certifications to move to higher positions in this industry.

Online courses from leading institutes are viable because they are easy to access. You can also complete them in your own time. Go online and check out the DA 100 and PMI/PBA courses available to you today!

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