How do your period habits hurt the planet?- An environmental Overhaul

You are in love with adorable, stackable bento boxes, you politely say no to plastic straws, and you have gained killer calves with biking. But, have you given a second thought about your period products? Well, let us tell you, you are not the only one who is sick to using the pads and tampons each month; our Earth is sick as well. Knowingly or unknowingly you contribute to your planet becoming one gigantic pile of garbage. Women who don’t know about menstrual cups typically add to the landfill waste.


The chaos caused by period products

Unfortunately, period products amount to about 20 billion pads, tampons, and plastic applications in landfills each year. This waste can take about centuries to break down, and the tampon applicators and the plastic used for pad adhesives can lead to global warming. 

What’s sadder is that humans have the capability to understand how they are impacting the planet and future generations, and still they are not cutting down on the waste. We aren’t just contaminating our natural resources, but we are also harming the powerless animals with whom we are sharing this big blue ball. 

Thousands of adult and juvenile sea turtles wash up on beach shores with plastic in their stomach. It takes about 14 grams of ingested plastic to kill a tiny sea creature, and the ocean has plenty of it. Now imagine, when women don’t bother knowing about menstrual cups how to wear, many sea creatures, tropical fishes, and beautiful birds are on death row due to ingesting plastic. 


How to save the turtles and the Earth?

Two words: MENSTRUAL CUPS. Tell us how much do those toxic, chemical-filled tampons and pads cost you each month? Surveys and stats show that when you spend about $12 on an average box of disposable sanitary products, the total cost of pads becomes $228 per year. But, with a menstrual cup, you can spend less than $50 a year, and you will never harm another sea turtle ever again. 


By using menstrual cups, you can save a bundle of money and keep the rare and endangered species of the Earth alive. The best part is while you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the adverse effect on the landfills, you can also save a lot of money. Just calculate how much waste you create with your disposable period products and how much money you spend on them. You will see why it is a great idea to switch to sustainable, convenient, and cost-effective menstrual cups. 


So what are you waiting for?

Luckily, when you figure out a menstrual cup how to wear and get a menstrual cup for yourself, you can save those baby turtles. Menstrual cups can hold more period blood than a disposable pad or tampon, and they don’t put you on the borderline of TSS. So, stop thinking over your purchase, nab yourself a new menstrual cup and transform your period for the better.

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