Home Improvement 101: 5 Home Exterior Upgrades To Boost Your House’s Value

Home Improvement 101

The exterior condition of your home plays an important role in increasing the value of your house in the buyer’s eye. It is their first introduction to your house; therefore, developing a good impression is a must in most cases. This is one of the major reasons real estate agents use the picture of the home exterior if it is well-kept on their promotional and marketing material.

In the Strutt & Parker reports, it has been mentioned that according to 76% of buyers, first impressions are everything when they set their eyes on a property. Whereas, according to 66% of the buyers, it plays a significant role when buying property online. 

Disheveled, dirty, and shabby home exteriors can put off the interest of your potential buyers even if you have an exceptionally well-maintained rest of the house. In comparison, well-maintained home exteriors can improve the value of your house. 

Home upgrades are often undertaken before putting up a property for sale. As per the COST VS VALUE REPORT, in 2022, most projects that give the highest investment return are home exterior upgrades. Some home exterior renovations you can consider when preparing your house for resale are the following.

  1. Roofing repairs 

Roofs directly come in contact with the harsh elements of nature. Extreme summers and winters can cause wear and tear in more ways than you can fathom. Therefore, your house’s roof is the first point you must consider for repair. People frequently need roof repairs in states like Colorado, where the weather is not very friendly year-round. 

You need to contact a reputable roofing company to do the job if you want a good return on your investment in the form of a higher sale value. Roofing companies are found in every state. For instance, National Home Improvement, a roofing company in Colorado, is known for its high-quality work and good reputation. It is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified. The company works on windows, sidings, roofs, doors, and whatnot to give your house exterior a complete makeover. You must find a similar roofing repair company in your state or city to get your anticipated results. 

  1. Power wash your house’s exterior 

A power wash is one of the easiest and most cost-friendly ways to give your home a quick makeover. A pressure wash removes all the debris and dust cakes from your house’s exterior, giving it a clean and inviting look. 

You can buy a pressure washer for less than $500 or rent one from your local appliance rental store. The latter option is cheaper and won’t require more than $100 for one day. You will feel satisfied seeing dust and debris removed from pavements, ramps, and walls. Your potential buyer will also get the same relief after looking at a clean and inviting property. 

The primary reason why power washing positively impacts your house’s value is that it improves your house’s curb appeal. Your home looks more attractive to your potential buyers. Hence they might be readier to pay a little more and feel more eager to seal the deal.

  1. Paint the exterior of your house

Painting your house’s exterior is a surefire way to make it look more attractive and welcoming. Therefore, giving a fresh coat of paint is one of the most undertaken home renovation projects by house owners. It is relatively cheap, but the results are often impressive. 

Painting the entire exterior is an extensive project requiring a professional’s services. Therefore, don’t hesitate to hire one. A professional will know how to do the job well, and within the timeline you provide. The better the painting job, the more your chances of getting a better value for your house. 

Another possibility is to focus only on the more damaged parts of the exterior. You can renovate the affected areas instead of repainting the whole exterior.

  1. Replace the external doors

Not all home exterior projects need to be extensive; often, small targeted changes like removing a bearing wall can make a big difference in your house’s looks too. For instance, the external gates and doors of the home are the initial greeting points for anyone entering your house. Therefore, they are often the focus of attention too. 

You can repair the house’s front gate if it is worn out. Give it a fresh layer of paint, and Voila. You will be astonished to see how it transforms the feel of your house. 

Besides the front gate, the main door that leads to the rest of the house is another point where you can show your creativity. Replace the front door and erect an imposing wooden one to make a striking first impression on the buyers. Repairing or replacing the external doors often gives a great return, even if you make a small investment. 

  1. Improve the landscaping

There is a good reason people believe that a nice landscaping effort levels up the value of your property. Lawn upgrade improves your house’s curb appeal, which is why it can also increase your property’s value. 

A well-maintained and beautiful lawn gives a remarkable façade to your property. Your house gets a new and appealing dimension without you spending much. 

Combine flowers in beautiful matching and contrasting colors, patterns, and textures. They have all the power to grab the attention of the observers. A buyer is likelier to enter a property prettified by natural elements such as plants, trees, and lush grass, such as TifTuf Bermuda grass, which has narrow leaf blade and dark green color. 

Start with removing the weeds, mowing the grass, trimming, and pruning branches. For proper tree trimming or pruning, it is recommended to contact a reputable and insured tree service company as they possess the necessary expertise and equipment. You can add a few potted plants near the entrance door and leave some near the front gate of your house too. This way, you can make this part of your house an extension of your interior space. 

A prospective buyer entering your house and getting introduced to these plants will have a positive image even before setting foot in your interior spaces. 

Besides, you are serving the environment by playing your part in keeping the air clean. You are trying to keep pollution at bay from your house. Visit Travs Trees if you’d like to know more about tree removal.


Some home upgrades are so impactful that they can increase the value of your house. Home exterior upgrades belong to that category. Certain home exterior improvements that can improve the value of your property without making big investments are mentioned in the article above. You can go with the ones suiting your property value, budget, and goals of ROI. 

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