Heart Broken Poetry in Urdu

Heart broken poetry in urdu can help you better deal with the feeling of unrequited love. If you’ve fallen in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, or if you’ve lost someone you love – there’s no such thing as pain.

A heart broken is one of the most common causes of suicide – because so many people cannot bear the pain. That’s why it’s important to find ways to manage the emotional pain you’re going through.

Reading poems that express how you feel and even writing them can help you stay strong and not get overwhelmed by the intensity of everything.

Neuroscientists have found that when we describe emotions in words, we can reduce their effect on us. One reason is that in order to describe feelings, we must first clearly identify them. And to associate emotion with feeling, you need to be able to categorize and compare different emotions and words—a task that involves your prefrontal cortex.

There are actual studies where people are connected to fMRI while writing down how they feel. FMRIs are brain imaging machines that actually allow scientists to see the activity going on in a person’s brain in real time. And they know that simply writing down feelings activates the parts of the brain that deal with emotion control.

heart broken poetry

When researchers studied people who had seen a sad movie, they divided them into two groups. One group writes down their feelings, the other doesn’t. Then check with both groups how they feel.

And the group that rewrote their feelings was less affected by the heartbreaking scenes they saw in the video clips. This is probably one of the reasons heartbreak poetry is so popular. Maybe, of course, people know that it can help them cope better with pain, relieve pain – and so they like to read and write it down. Writing and poetry is also a great idea.

But there are people who have a hard time creating poems. And if so, just reading a lot of poetry can inspire you and give you ideas. Keep a sheet of paper or better yet a notepad handy and jot down ideas and words that come to mind. You’ll find that the simple exercise of writing heartbreak poetry can help you better deal with unrequited love.

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