Having a Hen House: 6 Benefits of Chickens

The U.S Department of Agriculture has estimated that 13 million Americans currently raise chickens and this number has rapidly inflated, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Americans are starting to become more self-sufficient so they ordered chicken coops and figured out how to manage chickens. It requires the right equipment and skills for it to be successful, which means you need to do thorough research before taking the plunge.

Perhaps you’re almost ready to start your journey, but you’re unfamiliar with the advantages of raising chickens. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are six benefits of chickens you need to know.

  1. Organic Eggs

One of the top benefits of chickens in the garden is the constant supply of organic eggs. You no longer have to worry about how well the birds were kept or if any of the eggs are tainted with insecticides.

Each breed of egg-laying requires has certain needs, so figure out which breed is right for you. For instance, Rhode Island Reds and Golden Comets are great for raising at home.

  1. Free Fertilizer

Smelly chicken poop is often considered one of the disadvantages of chickens. But, this is a misconception! Your new chickens will not only produce a steady source of eggs, but they’ll also produce a steady source of fertilizer!

Imagine how much free fertilizer you’ll get access to. This is perfect if you’re growing flowers or veggies. Try spreading a light coating of fresh manure over the soil and you’ll notice a difference in your produce.

  1. Reduces Waste

One of the top environmental benefits of backyard chickens is reduced waste. Instead of throwing away kitchen scraps, give them to your birds!

However, kitchen scraps alone aren’t enough to feed your chickens. Make sure that you get a chick starter pack that includes special chicken feed as it’s packed with the necessary nutrients.

  1. Earn Extra Cash

One major benefit is you can earn cash by selling extra eggs, perfect if you’re looking for a side hustle. You can either sell to your neighbors at the local farmer’s market or keep an honesty box outside your home so passersby can leave cash for eggs.

  1. Family Fun

Limiting your child’s screen time feels impossible nowadays, so parents must find new ways of entertaining little ones. This is why chickens are great!

Not only does it educate your kids, but they can get involved by sprinkling the feed or even cleaning the coop.

  1. Join a Community

There’s a huge community of backyard farmers, whether it’s online or in your area. Once you get your chickens, join local groups to connect with similar people and get advice.

You will also tap into valuable resources so you can learn how to winterproof your coop, increase egg production, and even breed your chickens.

Know the Benefits of Chickens

Now you know the benefits of chickens!

Raising chickens lets you have a steady supply of organic eggs, free fertilizer, and earn extra cash on the side. It’s also great for the environment because you can feed chickens kitchen waste and fertilize your yard. What’s not to love?

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