Guide to choosing MIM colleges

Master in management has become a chased post-graduate program for recently graduated business bachelors and professionals. MIM is a one or two-year program, depending on the college. It mainly focuses on marketing, accounting, or finance skills. This program is highly popular in Europe. Top MIM colleges in the world can be found in Europe. Management degrees were created as an affordable alternative to MBA. This degree builds the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. Getting a degree from top colleges opens up the door for a huge career opportunity. So folks who want to be a part of this program need to know how to choose the best college for MIM. We have narrowed it down to five key points to consider while choosing MIM colleges.

  • Location

Location plays a mandatory role in choosing the right college. You need to see if you are compatible with the place you are going to. Narrow your search for a college by asking yourself these questions. Where do you want to be far from home or near your home? Do you want to study in the same country or abroad?

  • Campus life and culture

You will be studying there for the next few months so you must know how the campus life and culture are. Get in touch with some alumni and ask them how their experience was on the campus. Or visit the campus during active hours and talk to students whom you meet. Ask them about fun activities on campus. Ask them about extracurricular activities on or off-campus. You should also check out the area around your campus.

  • Placement opportunities

If you are planning to land a job after graduation then you need to check out the placement statistics of the college. If possible, visit the college’s professors or alumnus and ask them about the placement scenario. Find out things like the number of companies visiting the college for recruitment, the number of students getting placed, the salary packages being offered, etc.

  • Cost of living

Make sure to check out the college’s fees and compare them with other colleges you wish to join. Although the tuition fees are less compared to an MBA degree. Compare your cost of living there with other colleges. Like your dorm room fees, mess fees, and other expenditures because you will be living there for few months. In a big city, you can get all your requirements done easily, but there’s a downside to it also. Your expenses might go up also. While in small-town, your expenses will be comparatively less but all kinds of stuff you get in a city you won’t be getting any.

  • Program duration

MIM course varies from college to college. Different colleges offer different duration for this course. Some colleges have ten months program, some have twelve months, some even have up to two years and some even have a credit system also.

These are very important to consider as they affect your future career plans or milestones if you have any. You will be taking a huge step into your career so consider all factors and take the first step into your career.

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