Get Custom Hair Extension Boxes at wholesale rates available in the USA

We are aware of our customer’s concern about the high rates of custom hair extension boxes. But don’t worry, we are here to remove your all worries and provide you pleasure by giving different discounts on special occasions. Our company is working in the US that is authentic in rates and packaging as well.

Most importantly, our experts always tried to keep in touch with the customers to provide you the further updates about your custom Hair Extension Packaging. Meanwhile, we use affordable material that creates maximum copies of the boxes at one time. Our machinery is latest in developing the most suitable designs for your box.

The hair extension boxes wholesale are beneficial to maintain the budget. Hence, you will get boxes in bulk form that maintain your budget limit. Moreover, these boxes are sturdy as it is hundred percent recyclable. So, make sure, that you are investing your money in a trustworthy company that provides the brilliant stylers of the boxes in no time.

How Hair Extension Box Packaging Can Increase your Sale

One must ask this question to the manufacturing company before giving an order to them. Like us, we will provide you the full guidance about customizing the best hair extension packaging boxes in different designs.

  • Increase your product sale by keeping the boxes design innovative
  • Enhance the value of your hair extension by presenting them in multiple colors of printed hair extension boxes
  • make sure that boxes are best for the external protection of the hair extension and wigs

Promote your brand by availing of our customized boxes

Availing the fascinating designs of the custom hair extension boxes enhanced your brand reputation. We designed these Blank Cereal Boxes in a very unique way that automatically attracts onlookers. We provide you with the guarantee that visitors will buy your hair extension only based on our packaging.

  • Enhance your brand value by selecting the best fonts of the logo
  • Fonts must be visible and clear to understand
  • Increased the charm of your product and brand by using silver/gold foiling to make the presentation better
  • The use of embossing/deboss feature is to provide the most esthetic look of the boxes
  • Avail the boxes with a window die-cut feature that enhanced your brand value as it attracts customers a lot

Eco-friendly material is appropriate to keep your product fresh

Our company is known for its honesty and hard work. We always put our honest efforts into creating the best designs of custom hair extension boxes. The material we used is eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. Hence, it provides the surety that your hair extension remains safer and secure. To avail, the best packaging that keeps your hair extension safe from any dust and harmful chemicals prefer this material.

  • Cardboard

The use of cardboard boxes is to protect the items like hair extensions and other fragile products from any mishap. Hence, it becomes only possible to grab the most attractive and fascinating designs of the boxes that keep the extension fresh.

  • Corrugated

The corrugated boxes are mostly used to store things that are in a huge range. So, you can protect your hair extensions several times by putting them in corrugated packaging. It gives a sturdy look to the boxes that are air-tightening as well.

  • Kraft

Now Kraft boxes have the specialty to create such designs of the boxes that are used for lightweight items. Hence it can become sturdy by adding two three layers together. So, avail these enchanting packaging papers to make every design of the box prominent and exciting for the others.

Designing and color impact must be suitable

Boxes become the center of everyone’s attention due to their fascinating designs. Hence, the use of hair extensions is high as it increases the beauty of hairs. So, make sure that your brand is presenting the commendable designs of the hair extension packaging boxes as a whole. Hence at wholesale, customers can avail the boxes in maximum quantity. The most demanding designs of the boxes are:

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Front end tuck boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Mailer boxes

These are the most interesting designs of the custom hair packaging that give a very commendable look to the product. We provide you with the surety that customers must recommend your brand to others to buy from you. It will happen only due to the eye-catching designs of the  Cake Boxes Wholesale. hence, prefer CMYK and PMS printing method to bring fascinating color for the boxes

why choose us

Yeah! That’s a big query. So, let us explain our specialty that we create the best designs of Hair Extension Boxes at very cheap rates. Our experts are hardworking in making every design of the box prominent and enchanting for the customer. We do fast delivery to your doors within the given time. Hence, our printing colors are secure and will be prominent and long-lasting.


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