Find programs and costs for international students in Canada

You’ll need answers to a few key questions before deciding on Canada as your study destination. Which colleges or universities should you think about applying to? To study in Canada, how much money do you need? Is your programme available in the city where you want to go to school? Now is the moment to gather important information about the programmes that you’re interested in, such as where they’re located and how much they cost.

When it comes to finding study programmes in Canada, the alternatives are unlimited. To locate the proper programme for you, look through the areas below and use our search function, which includes: architecture and design, business and marketing, dentistry, education, engineering, finance, information technology, law, mathematics, and medicine are some of the fields in which you can work.

In Canada, look for college and university programmes.

1st of 5 steps

College and university options in Canada are as diverse as our wide-open spaces. Begin your search here to begin arranging your studies in Canada’s higher education system.

Our search engine will help you identify courses, programmes, and institutions at colleges and universities across Canada, as well as tuition costs. You can look for information by subject or category, language, or province. You can also look for information by degree, diploma, or certificate.

Instructions for finding programmes

Follow these procedures to identify college and university programmes:

Enter a term related to the field you want to pursue (for example, medicine). Alternatively, select your category or subject of interest from the dropdown menu.

Choose from English, French, or Bilingual as your study language.

Choose the educational level you want to pursue (for example, university).

Select the province of your international school education territory where you want to study, or ‘No preference’ if you want to look at all of Canada’s areas.

Wait for your search results to appear after clicking ‘Display a List of Programs.’

Options for education in Canada

Do you want to have a life-changing study abroad experience? Visit Canada! From elementary and high school to college, university, and graduate courses, the possibilities for Study in Canada from Pakistan are numerous. You can also improve your English and French language abilities by studying in Canada, participating in an exchange programme, or studying from home through one of our online or distance learning programmes.

Student life in Canada for international students

The 500,000 international students who come to Canada for college and university education each year are only the beginning. Thousands more come here to attend primary or secondary school, exchange programmes, or language schools. As a student, Canada is a fantastic environment to learn and grow.

Find out what Canadians do for fun and what other overseas students have to say about the country. Learn about what it’s like to live, study, and work in Canada from us and real students.

College or university (undergraduate)

College and university are both types of higher education in Canada. Each has its own set of opportunities for learning and development. Your days will be filled with career-focused study in a highly practical approach at college or vocational school.

Your days at university will be filled with lectures, labs, tutorials, and workshops. University life is all about variety, providing you with a mix of learning and doing that will help you prepare for your future job. Students can meet with their professors and instructors during office hours to discuss homework or questions.

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