Financial Freedom does not exist, you are poor and you will remain so forever!

If you are also interested in Personal Finance, you will surely feel a certain mistrust around you towards the topic of Money. In fact, in our culture, money often has a negative meaning and those who try to improve their financial situation are often laughed at and treated with disdain. But this should not discourage you because improving your finances claims has countless advantages, which you cannot leave out. In this article, I want to talk to you about the reasons why you should start thinking about your money right away.

When I started this blog in 2008, many accused me of not being able to talk about wealth because I am not rich.

Over the years, my financial situation has improved, but I still get accusations today because I talk too much about money and focus my attention only on Money.

Sometimes, I enjoy responding to those who criticize me and challenge my thinking and what I do.

I have always been open to discussion and I try to grasp the constructive ideas of whoever writes to me.

I do not understand and I do not appreciate the free and disparaging comments, which I sometimes receive.

I have always lived my financial history and my life as a Path.

A non-linear path in which with difficulty and a few missteps I gradually improved my finances and more.

Today I am satisfied and believe that my goal of Financial Freedom is at least closer.

I have certainly achieved a certain financial serenity.

For me, this state consists of having an automatic financial system that allows me to think about the unexpected and my future goals, without anxiety.

The reflections on this issue arose from the reading of Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey, together with a negative comment received on an old post.

This comment made me understand once again how strong the prejudice towards those who try to tackle the issue of wealth is still strong.

It also made me realize how often we disperse energies without channeling them towards really important goals, such as that of Financial Freedom, which Dave Ramsey talks about in his book.

In this article

  • Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey
  • Why you should deal with money and achieve financial freedom.
  • Money affects your choices
  • Money affects your mood and your mental clarity
  • Money can affect your time
  • With money, you can give those around you a better world
  • Where to start?

Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey

Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey has sold more than 5 million copies globally and was brought to Italy by the publishing house Alise Editore.

Dave Ramsey, if you didn’t know him, is a US popularizer, trainer, and author who is an expert in Personal Finance. Dave has been on the radio for years on The Dave Ramsey Show where he discusses money and financial problems with his listeners.

Financial Freedom is a very immediate book that describes a simple path made up of 7 steps, which lead to a complete change of course.

I liked it because it describes everything with ease and with that slightly extreme cut that only Americans know how to use.

It does so by telling the stories of that real America, which we are used to seeing in films and which, after all, does not differ much from our province.

I do not want to spoil the book and I refer you to reading.

But it made me understand how the problems with money and people’s dreams are the same for everyone in every part of the world

And solving them isn’t that difficult if you follow a method.

Just focus on the individual actions that make up 80% of Personal Finance (the remaining 20% ​​is represented by knowledge).

A well-articulated plan consisting of simple steps is sufficient.

But before coming to the Plan, let’s try to understand why the topic of Personal Finance is really important.

Why you should deal with money and achieve financial freedom.

In this article, I want to focus on the reasons why it is important to achieve Financial Freedom, i.e. the cancellation of one’s debts and the accumulation of capital that allows you, thanks to the interest generated, to meet your daily needs and to achieve your goals and your dreams.

Obviously, before reaching true Financial Freedom you will reach intermediate steps, and only in time will you become truly free.

There are no shortcuts and schemes to get rich instantly unless of course, you win the lottery.

Usually, the path is quite long although it can be accelerated with the right choices.

But let’s get to the reasons why, in my opinion, you should reach this state.

Money affects your choices

Someone said that money does not bring happiness, but it solves a problem nonetheless.

However, you may think, having no money affects you.

It forces you to make a whole series of compromises and limits you in your choices.

Do you want to go on a trip, a course, a specific course of study?

Would you like to send to that country this or that customer who is not profitable and pests you with his questions?

Without a solid base, unfortunately, you cannot do this.

Money affects your mood and your mental clarity

When I found myself penniless in the bank in 2016, without an emergency fund, I felt shaky.

My certainties faltered and I had tremendous anxiety.

As always, this was also the reason that prompted me to make some changes and discover new sources of monetization and income.

However, I did not live well at all for about a year, when I then negotiated a new employment contract and restarted financially.

Probably the most difficult year even for my family and for those around me who felt my instability.

Fortunately, nothing happened, but psychologically it was tough.

Money can affect your time

Having no money forces you to accept activities that do not bring value to your life.

If you have no money, you can never say no to any job offer.

You will therefore not have the free time to reflect on your priorities and, in a desperate attempt to improve the situation, you will accumulate delays and bad choices.

Even today I am not able to say no to so many activities that I could easily do without.

But if there is one lesson that Naval Ravikant gave me it is to assign value to your time and delegate all those activities that are not paid enough.

I am not perfectly capable of doing it, but I always work to improve myself.

The real saving is often not spending, but being able to make use of one’s time, without using it in activities with low added value.

With money, you can give those around you a better world

One lesson that all the great American popularizers give us, including Dave Ramsey in his book Financial Freedom, is that of the importance of giving.

Money is often seen in the negative sense of exhibition and waste.

Instead, I am convinced, it is also the way to try to improve the world.

Those who have it must be able to spend it, but have you ever wondered how many people you could improve their lives if you had some extra cash?

Sure you could do it with the people around you, but donating to strangers is also very enriching.

Where to start?

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend that you read my finance guide.

However the path is not difficult, you will have to start with an examination of your current situation, identify a goal and a plan to achieve it.

As Dave Ramsey teaches us, execution is the basis of success even on the road to Financial Freedom.

If it can help you, I have also made a series of videos in which I explain some basic concepts of Personal Finance.

If you made it this far, thank you and if you liked the post,  leave me a comment below!  It is very important for me to have your opinion and to know your experience.

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