Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Bathing Suit Top!

Shopping for womens’ bathing suit tops is quite a tricky process. Yes, you read it right; it is much more tricky than you think, as the wide range of options available in the market can leave you overwhelmed every time. We have to mention that finding some of the best swimsuit tops for women definitely takes time, effort, and patience. So how one can normally make it happen by choosing from a myriad of bathing tops without getting frustrated and confused. Not to worry; our post will help you with all the major and nitty-gritty details.

First of all, there’s nothing more specific when you shop around or online for bathing suit tops. Different options are always there for different body types. You can wear anything at the beach that just flatters your figure and leaves you walking with absolute confidence on the beach. After all, summers and beach seasons are also about looking for the best version of yourself. Before we move ahead to know what to consider before buying a pair for yourself, let’s take a quick look at the most hyped women’s swimsuit tops categories. 

We all pretty much know that the season of flaunting your curves is finally here. Now, this simply means that every summer holiday is a perfect time to slay in style, no matter what. So, let’s begin the hunt to find the right bathing top from here only. Here are some of the trending styles for standard and plus-size bathing suit tops. 


This style often comes with a flattering scoop neck and gives medium support in the water. The top comes with both adjustable and non-adjustable straps that precisely secure the upper body in place. The style is common among women with medium to large busts. 


Another style on the list is the one with a triangle-shaped neckline. The chic style top is worth every penny as it stays true to its shape. The triangular nature helps in showcasing a bit of curve and cleavage. Most of them come with thin string-style straps offering moderate support. The versatility of triangle black bathing suit tops allows them to wear it on both sides – You can even wear it the same way or even tie it from the back. Nevertheless, the coverage is medium and minimal. Still, the charisma of this bathing top style tops the list as it supports both small and large busts. 


Another sleek and streamlined swimsuit top style is the tankini that usually comes with thin straps. This style is known for offering maximum comfort and coverage along with minimal support. The classic style is suitable for women with small to medium bust sizes. 


Last but not least, another style that never misses the summer essentials list. Bandeau womens’ swimsuit tops often come with a band and notch at the center. They are strapless and come with a sleek silhouette. Talking about the level of support bandeau tops provide, they offer minimal support and moderate coverage. Their outline is in such a manner that they can help you get those perfect tan lines. Highly suitable for both small and medium busts. 

Now when you have made a choice to buy a women’s bathing suit top quickly from the Internet without any second thought, the results are definitely going to be worth every penny. However, knowing the most hyped styles and choosing a suitable one from all can be your best summer companion. 

  • First of all, you need to explore a wide range of options. It is advisable to sit with one of your mates or friends to discover all the unique styles. Well, this is one of the proven ways to pick different, classy styles for bathing tops. If they approve the style and think it will suit you more than anything else, you are good to go ahead. 
  • Size has always been a concern when most of us consider buying online. And without any doubt, this is pretty much common when we have to choose the right size from plus-size bathing suit tops. Sometimes, the standard sizes can leave you with the wrong product. So it is always better to order two or three different sizes to try on. There’s one that suits you better, and you can gift others to your bestie or mother. Imagine twinning beach style with your bestie, sister, or mother. Sounds cool, right! 

Make sure to go through the size chart. Or else, you can always try buying bathing tops from premium apparel brands like Vitae Apparel. Their whole tops collection is crafted with a 4-way stretch fabric that fits any body type, size, or shape. And yes! Their products are 100% comfortable and allow maximum breathability. 

  • The size, grip and coverage are other things that women pay attention to, especially when they are plus size. You would definitely wish for perfect support and a comfortable fit. Think of some beige, printed, or black bathing suit top that gives your curves a perfect contour for that sassy beach look. You can always pair your look with a scarf, a wide hat, and a cool pair of sunglasses. Who wouldn’t love this optimal and relaxed look for the beach season? 

So this was all you needed to know before shopping for your summer bathing suit top! If these tips make your shopping experience easy, then don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below. We’d appreciate reading about your lovely experiences. 


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