Entertainment websites: how to make them more profitable?

Many people are using the internet to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other forms of entertainment. There are many tools to stream these videos online for free but it is quite risky as you may need to install an online player plug-in to view them. It can also compromise your privacy which is why there are other websites like Netflix, Thoughtnova, Google’s apps, and Amazon Prime that serve the same purpose but with lesser or no ads.

Internet entertainment has become very popular techktimes over the past few years where millions of people are watching movies on their phones, tablets, etc.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider your entertainment website can be more profitable:

1.  Know your target market

You may need to know the group of people you would like to cater to. This will help you determine if your website is serving its purpose and bring more customers to it. If you are just starting, then focus on one specific niche that you think will be profitable before expanding. There are many tools online that can be used to find out what your customers are watching. For example, with Google Trends you can know the trending topics on marketbusinesstech YouTube, Netflix, etc.

2. Use an adblocker but give users an option to turn it off

Many people use ad blockers online which is why you should not annoy them with ads of any kind. You will drive away your potential customers if they find ads annoying. However, you need to make sure that your users can still turn off the ad-block for a small fee or free of cost. This way you will be able to generate revenue with your visitors and at the same time, they are entertained by your website content.

3. Get Google Analytics

You cannot determine how many people are visiting your website if you don’t have Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool that will tell you about the demographics of your customers. For example, if most of your visitors are from the USA then you can focus on videos that are related to their interest only. This way you will be able to provide quality content for your viewers and at the same time earn revenue from your advertisements.

4. Get a content delivery network or CDN

Content Delivery Network is a system that will allow your customer to watch videos faster even if they are from different locations. This means that no matter where your visitor lives, they can watch the videos without any buffering problems which you cannot experience with other websites. A CDN will help in improving the performance of your website which in turn will improve revenue.

5. High-Quality Videos

Quality videos are always better than low-quality videos when it comes to attracting customers online. This is because low-quality videos take time to load or even get stuck while high-quality videos can be watched faster and better. If you want to be competitive then always offer a high-quality viewing experience for your users and at the same time earn revenue from other sources like advertisements, subscriptions, etc.

6. Top 10 lists and ranked videos

People love watching lists as it helps them to know about good movies or TV shows before they invest their time and money in watching them. You can have a list of top 10 movies, top 10 playlists, etc that will help your viewers to know more about what they are watching. In addition to this, you can also have ranked videos that will allow your users to choose from the list of videos as per their preference or interest. This way you can keep track of what your viewers are watching and earn revenue from different sources.

7. Make your website responsive

Your website must be able to accommodate all kinds of devices as it will help you expand the number of customers you have for your entertainment website. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc have now become very common for everyone which means people can watch videos from anywhere. If your website is not mobile optimized then it will lose out on the maximum number of visitors.

8. Transcribe videos

If you have ever tried watching a video that has subtitles then you know how helpful it is for people who can’t understand the language being spoken in the video or for those who want to re-watch the video more than once. You can provide subtitles to your videos for your viewer’s convenience or you can even allow them to download the transcript of the video which they watch. This will also help you in improving the ranking of your website with search engines especially if keywords are being used in audio or text within the video.

9. Channel Branding

It is very common for YouTube channels to have branding in their channel art. This means that you can add an image, logo, or name of your website so that it becomes easier for your viewers to recognize your channel and at the same time they will know more about what kind of videos you come up with daily.

10. Engage with your viewers

It is always better to engage with your audience as you can learn a lot from them. You can learn about their interests, problems faced while watching videos, etc which will help you in making your future content more appealing. If people have any suggestions or feedback then always be receptive and at the same time welcome them to share things via private message or email. This way you can earn revenue from your entertainment website while at the same time adding new features regularly for making things better.


Entertainment websites are one of the best kinds of websites to start as there is a lot of competition which means you can improve your revenue with time. These were some important getting started tips for entertainment websites that will help you in improving traffic and also converting visitors into customers.


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