Eight things you can do with a social work degree

The goal of social work as a career is to assist societies and individuals in overcoming daily difficulties. To be a licensed social worker, you need a degree combining theory and applied learning in sociology and psychology. 

Earning a degree in social work opens up many high-paying career options. This article will highlight eight things you can do with your social work degree. 

1. Welfare Researcher

Like other researchers, welfare researchers work in universities and institutions. They are also responsible for conducting studies and tests to improve welfare systems in a community. If you want to make a difference and find solutions to eliminate existing problems related to welfare, then this is your go-to career path. 

Most welfare researchers pick a specialty and devote themselves to finding answers. With the world going through social change, welfare researchers are in demand to modify the present systems to adapt to the new world. 

2. Behavioral Management Aide

A Behavioral Management aide helps people change or stop harmful behaviors. Such behaviors include cutting, hitting, verbal abuse, etc. Behavioral management assistants frequently watch the client’s conduct, pinpoint triggers, and collaborate with behavioral specialists to develop alternative behaviors and constructive coping methods. 

According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), individuals in occupations related to social work are five times more likely to experience workplace violence. However, patients with tendencies to cause harm to themselves and others put the professionals working with them at risk. 

Therefore, social workers safety must be prioritized. This can be done by providing necessary self-safety training or holding sessions in open meeting rooms with security personnel on alert. 

3. Community Outreach Worker

Community outreach workers primarily act as a bridge between an organization and the community. They locate and contact those who could benefit from their organization’s facilities. 

Therefore, community outreach workers must possess excellent communication skills. Furthermore, since employees in this position frequently have to respond to inquiries, it is also necessary for them to be knowledgeable about the services offered by the organization they represent. 

If you believe you have the essential interpersonal skills required for this profession, you can make up to $40,000 annually as a community outreach worker. However, since most organizations that hire outreach workers are non-profit, the salary package can vary accordingly. 

4. Probation Officer

The duties of probation officers include supervising, conducting interviews and drug testing, and providing testimony in court.

There is a need for social workers in the legal sector as well. Probation officers assist those who have been found guilty of a crime. The responsibility of a probation worker is to ensure that offenders on probation or provisional period aren’t violating the terms and conditions of their period. 

Due to the nature of the job, probation workers must be well-informed about legal procedures. Additionally, they must have strong interactive and organizational abilities.

5. School Social Worker

A child’s academic performance will probably suffer if their fundamental requirements aren’t satisfied. School social workers assist pupils. In addition to guiding students toward academic success, school social workers also provide students with mental health counseling. 

Children can achieve great heights academically and personally with the assistance of school social workers.

Being a school social worker is an excellent way to use your social work degree. You can collaborate with school officials, teachers, and parents to identify the best approaches for particular children. 

6. Medical Social Worker 

Going through medical procedures can be a stressful situation to deal with. Medical social workers help patients overcome many challenges, such as fear of surgeries or financial struggles. 

They assist their patients in weighing their alternatives and coming to conclusions that are best for them and their family members. A medical social worker, for instance, can guide a patient through care options once they are released from the hospital.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay of a medical social worker is around $60,000. However, you will need a master’s in social work to qualify as a medical social worker. 

7. Case Management Aide

Assisting another social worker in their profession is what a case management aide does. They may assist in managing certain instances in collaboration with a school counselor or welfare expert. 

Case management aides spend a great deal of effort in the background. Some of their responsibilities include scheduling meetings and managing the clients’ data. 

Aides are crucial because they enable cases to have quicker outcomes. If you have a Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) and don’t mind assisting someone else, then the position of case management aide might be perfect for you. 

8. Eligibility Worker

Many government aid programs exist to help citizens of the country with struggles they may face in their everyday life. However, for someone with no information on government policies and programs, it would be impossible to benefit from such programs. This is where eligibility workers come into play. 

Typically, the role of an eligibility worker is to assist people looking for government support in matters such as shelter or health care services. Moreover, an eligible worker must be well-versed in the numerous government aid schemes available in their respective country or state. 


The field of social work encompasses a wide variety of particular positions and career paths. Each career path has unique obligations and tasks. So, how do you choose the right way to utilize your degree in social work?

Here’s how; first, find your passion, and consider occupations that will allow you to pursue a field aligned with your interests. Next, when considering various job opportunities, compare the advantages and disadvantages of your possible options. 

Finally, the salary package is another element to think through that might help you pick the best way to use your social work degree.

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