Don’ts for building a tranquil, thoughtful household

Make sure all the doors are shut and secure.

In feng shui, doors are very essential because they are gateways for energy, as was previously stated. Check all of your doors to determine if any of them can open at least 90 degrees because of the clutter or furnishings in the room. When you can’t open doors, it signifies the good energy you’re receiving is being sucked out of you, preventing you from reaching your full potential. It may also make you feel constrained and constricted rather than free and open on your life’s journey (both physically and symbolically). Finally, doors also symbolise your voice in the world, thus a blocked door might signify that your message is not heard or transmitted completely..

Don’t throw away anything that isn’t working.

It is possible for broken things in your house to become impediments in your life and produce tension that prevents you from reaching your full potential. There are times when the faulty doorbell you’ve been meaning to fix might prevent you from getting an unexpected gift or person. Feng shui discourages the use of dead or dying plants.

Fill your closets to the brim.

When we let go of garments that we no longer wear, we offer our brains a signal that we may also let go of other things that we no longer use (like harmful people or unnecessary stress).

To the universe, a full closet means that our lives are complete and we don’t need anything more. Clearing some space in your closet may do wonders for your well-being.

Avoid ignoring anything or anybody.

It’s possible that dusty corners of your house are a metaphor for life’s unfulfilled potential. If you no longer use the item, consider donating it. There’s no harm in checking out a room you haven’t been in before. To create a positive atmosphere, all it takes is a little bit of time and effort to change things about.

Make sure your windows aren’t too filthy.

The eyes of the occupants of the house are represented by windows in feng shui. You can’t see what’s going on around you clearly if your windows are covered with dust and filth. When you clean your windows frequently, you’ll be amazed at how much light and happiness you’ll experience.

Hang your artwork too high.

Believe it or not, I frequently observe that people’s artwork, portraits, and mirrors are put low on their walls when they have difficulties with depression or low energy. Your chi will be affected by the bad quality of the artwork. Note: Even the lowest beds might have a negative effect on your mood.

Things may be kept beneath the bed.

I realise a lot of us might benefit from some more storage, but I don’t think it belongs beneath the bed. Feng shui advises against keeping anything beneath the bed, particularly harmful ones, since it’s better to have the air circulating about you while you sleep.

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