Digitized IV Pump Tracking – How To Achieve Better Clinical Outcomes

An IV pump (also called infusion pump) is a medical device used for continuous or cyclic but exact dosing of medication, fluids, and sometimes nutrition. It is commonly used in medical institutions, primarily in intensive care units (less commonly in operating theatres and ambulances). Given their importance to patient care, the tracking and availability of IV pumps are crucial. How can their availability be monitored using Bluetooth technology?

 The importance and role of hospital IV pumps

The frequency with which infusion pumps are used by medical staff means that they must always be available in the event of increased demand. Unfortunately, nurses sometimes fail to put the IV pump back in its place, making it difficult to locate or simply they are not returned to their designated placer or in case of surges there’s just not enough of them. The procedure for preparing them for use is also problematic. The disinfection process takes place in a sterile room, from where the infusion pump should then be transported to the relevant ward in the hospital. It is not difficult to make mistakes when doing this. This is where locating systems come in handy.

How does digital tracking of infusion pumps support patient care?

Digital tracking of medical equipment supports patient care and improved outcomes in many ways. First and foremost, it reduces the time spent searching for IV pumps. Or put it simply, you know where each tagged IV pump is placed in real-time, you just look at the map or search its ID and you know immediately where it is, no guessing. This is important in large medical facilities where staff have to cross floors to find the necessary device.

When using modern digital systems to locate hospital assets, if there are no infusion pumps on a particular floor, the employee can check their location on a mobile device. This reduces time, streamlines the care process and improves the quality of service provided by the hospital.

Systems for locating infusion pumps also contribute to the efficient use of existing equipment. The fact that used pumps are collected immediately, rather than lying around patients’ beds increases their availability. In addition, the sanitization process is tracked and monitored on an ongoing basis, and hospital IV pumps are available for use again faster.

This reduces so-called buffer stocks, which translates into savings. In addition, funds raised in this way can purchase smart pumps that can inform nurses whether they are clean, reducing errors and protecting patients.


How does Bluetooth-based infusion pump tracking software improve patient outcomes?

Bluetooth tracking is a technology that can be used in hospitals for many tasks. Including the digital stamping of infusion pumps as clean after they have been decontaminated. Medical staff can check the status of equipment readiness for reuse on a smartphone app. This reduces the risk of infection and improves patient outcomes.

On the other hand, managing PAR (Periodical Automatic Replenishment) levels ensure that the correct stock levels of IV pumps are maintained, that defective devices are replaced, and that IV pumps reach the expiry date are noted. This reduces stock levels while increasing the availability of infusion pumps.

The digital infusion pump location system also eliminates the problem of wasted time searching for equipment, which is crucial in a life-saving situation for patients. Using modern solutions, hospitals also optimize inventories and reduce expenditure on storage space. Importantly, digital infusion pump tracking location systems also have the functionality to configure stock alerts, which allow hospitals to assess whether their own stock is sufficient in times of high demand. They also report on theft attempts or record rental times if patients take IV pumps home.

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