Is Informed Consent Important in Adult Circumcision Surgery

There is a misconception about circumcision surgery that clinics will immediately take you to the operation theatre and start the procedure. This kind of wrong information has been spread by people who oppose surgery so that fewer men have it. The surgeon is bound by a hypocritical oath to take patients’ consent before doing adult circumcision surgery for adults.

Defining Informed Consent in Circumcision Surgery for Adults

Informed consent is the permission taken from patients by the surgeon before they are taken for the surgical process. Both verbal and written consent is accepted, but the best form of informed consent is in writing. The reason behind providing written proof is that it is verification from the patient.

What are Components of an Informed Consent?

Informed consent is the essential part of every kind of medical practice that surgeons have to follow by rules and ethics. Asking for the patient’s consent is their fundamental right. Informed consent goes both ways; as surgeons and patients, both have to provide the proper knowledge. The following components of informed consent are to be taken into consideration.

Disclosing Minute Details

The first point that surgeons should think about is to provide the patient with every minute detail of the surgery. It is the ethical duty of the surgeon to keep the patient informed of the benefits, risks, tools, and techniques, and type of anesthesia administered when having circumcision surgery.

Patients Should Compliance

What is the use of informed consent when the patient is not in compliance with having the surgery? Patients have to agree to have the surgical procedure willingly as no one, especially the surgeon or the clinic’s management, should force the patient to have the surgery.

Not Discussing Patient with Anyone

Another ethical point that best adult circumcision surgeons should understand is that the information they acquire from the patients is sensitive and should never be discussed with anyone; other than very close relatives. Frauds can use the info against patients and damage the reputation of the clinic.

Clarifying Process of Adult Circumcision Surgery in Atlanta

When men go to medical facilities like Circumcision Center, the surgeons there have to inform them about the whole surgical procedure. This info includes types of anesthesia patients can choose from, tools and techniques available, post-surgery care, benefits, risks, and consequences of avoiding the surgery.

Complications that might Occur

Surgeons have to inform patients about any complications that might occur during the surgery. The best way surgeons can avoid complications is to take a complete medical history of the patient and explain the pre and post-surgery precautions. The difficulties that might occur during and after the surgery are reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, pain, inflammation, infection, and issues of the foreskin.

Arguments are given In-Favor of Surgery

Many people have spread a lot of misconceptions about circumcision surgery that is giving a negative impression. The surgeon must inform the patient about the benefits of surgery, including; making hygiene easy, reducing STIs, STDs, UTI, cancers, and penile skin conditions.

Freedom of Selecting Anesthesia

Different types of anesthesia are available for the patients, and they have the freedom to select from general, local, regional anesthesia, and nerve blocking agents. Surgeons can suggest which anesthesia will be good, but the final decision is up to the patient.

Whether the surgery is primary or minor, like circumcision surgery for adults, having patients’ informed consent. This shows that the patient is comfortable with having the surgical procedure. Below are three questions and their answers to understand informed consent in circumcision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does circumcision require consent?

Many people think that no consent is taken when children undergo circumcision, which is not true as the parents are there for it. For circumcision surgery for adults, written informed consent from the patient is required before taking any steps to start the surgery.

Is male circumcision a human rights violation?

Several individuals advocate that male circumcision surgery violates human rights because a part of the human body that is foreskin covering the penis is removed and has no benefit at all. But when you investigate the problems that might occur when you don’t have the surgery, like having different penile issues, you know that it has benefits, as mentioned in the above points.

Can I sue the doctor who circumcised me?

There is only one situation when patients can sue their surgeons is when they have malpractice. If the surgeon has removed, the wrong length of the foreskin or the skin appears uneven, and the penis is damaged, the patients have every right to sue the surgeon.

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