butterfly choker For Every Occasion

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, right? If you like to have fun, are full of smiles, and really like playful things, then you definitely need a butterfly choker in your world. Whether you want to wear cute butterflies on your ears or around your neck, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is jewelry for your social butterfly designed for any occasion.

The Meaning of the Butterfly

Let’s talk about the meaning of these fluttering creatures! Butterflies are timeless symbols of change. What stage of life you are in can determine how you perceive and wear these amazing accessories. A butterfly can symbolize the transformation from a teenager to an adult, which makes it a great gift for your 16th birthday, graduation, or just because. It can symbolize overcoming a difficult moment in your life and moving forward, such as a breakup or an accident. It can also symbolize new beginnings, such as a new friendship, a new relationship, moving, or finding a new job. All in all, there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t have butterfly jewelry.

Since butterfly jewelry comes in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes, and sparkle (and who doesn’t love a little sparkle?), you can always be sure that you’re wearing just the right piece of jewelry for your day or special occasion.

The hottest trends in butterfly jewelry

If you want to add these striking accessories to your jewelry rotation, keep an eye on the hottest fashion trends:

Butterfly earrings with cascading fringes
Gold butterfly chokers (on gold chains)
Sparkling stud earrings with butterflies
Necklaces and earrings with butterflies inspired by wanderlust
Big butterfly rings

Shimmering bracelets with butterfly charms

If you want to showcase some butterfly accessories in your everyday life, consider wearing a pair of butterfly hoops to offset a cute top paired with silk and cuddly kimono and denim shorts.

For a semi-formal outfit, add bright colors by securing a bowtie with an enamel finish in a delicate blush or blue hue. This can easily break up black and white striped tops or dresses.

If you wear butterfly jewelry to formal events like weddings, fancy dinner parties, or family gatherings, do it with swagger and sparkle. A dazzling butterfly pendant necklace or butterfly rhinestone studs are sure to give you a fun yet elegant look with your little black dress!

Butterfly jewelry has been around for decades and hasn’t lost its relevance. Whether you wear them because you have a deep connection to their meaning, or you just love the way they make you look and feel, you can choose from a wide variety of butterfly jewelry!


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