Branded Calling Solution Explained Simply

Despite overcoming many potential impediments to call deliverability, carrier spam labeling, and call-blocking apps, one final obstacle remains: customers need to recognize your calls.

Branded calling solves that by letting customers know who is calling instantly. It restores trust in voice calling and benefits businesses across industries.

Increased Answer Rates

In a world of robocalls, spam, and scam calls, many customers don’t trust callers they don’t know. As a result, they may ignore your voice calls or block them altogether. You can overcome these obstacles to reach your customer using a branded caller ID solution.

Branded calls display a business logo, company name, and reason for calling on a mobile device’s call display. As a result, people are 200% more likely to answer a call from your business than an unknown number. This increase in live answer rates results in greater client engagement, accelerating your calling programs’ sales and conversion success.

Financial services companies often need better call contact rates when calling potential customers because their calls are blocked and incorrectly labeled as spam or telemarketer. Branded calling solutions can help improve these outcomes by letting your customers know it’s your calling.

The technology lets you share your business logo, name, and location on the mobile phone screen at the time and in the call log afterward. It helps build a positive perception of your company and reduces the risk of your calls being wrongly flagged for spam or a telemarketer. The branded caller ID service also enables you to split your branding by department so customers receiving calls from a particular team are more likely to answer.

Restored Customer Trust

In a world of spam calls, scammers, and robocalls, consumers are skeptical of calls they don’t recognize. This skepticism has driven many legitimate businesses to lose call connection rates and lower customer engagement. It is why branded calling is essential: it helps to lift answer rates, convert customers and build brand loyalty.

With the help of a branded caller ID solution, businesses can display their name, logo, location, and reason for calling on a caller ID to ensure that consumers know it’s them on the other end of the line. This solution also helps solve the unknown call dilemma that plagues organizations today. With 3 out of 4 calls from unidentified numbers going unanswered, it’s no wonder that people are turning to branded communications to build trust in voice calling again.

Branded display solutions provide a reliable, scalable way to overcome the final obstacle called deliverability. Even if a business successfully navigates CNAM, carrier call-blocking policies, spam labeling, and call blockers, consumers may still decline to answer because they need to recognize the number or the reason for the call. Branded caller ID solves this by displaying a business’s name and caller ID across all major carriers, mobile phones, and phone apps.

It helps ensure that customers always pick up your call, so you can answer questions, provide support, or offer new products and services. The return on investment for implementing a branded caller ID solution is high, and it’s an affordable way to ensure that your company’s calls are heard.

Improved Operational Efficiency

In industries such as financial services and healthcare, where trust is paramount, branded calling solutions have improved call engagement with prospective clients. The measurable improvements in call outcomes directly impact these organizations’ bottom line and customer satisfaction KPIs.

The most challenging problem to solve for organizations that rely on the phone channel is consumer distrust.

Early adopters of branded calling solutions that enable their business or organization to display its name, logo, and the reason for the call on mobile screens have seen lifts in first-call answer rates of over 200% and increased conversions. 

Increased Revenue

Achieving measurable KPIs like high answer rates and customer satisfaction is critical for enterprises. It’s essential for organizations that depend heavily on voice communications, such as hospitals, financial services, and delivery businesses. But robocalls have made it harder for these companies to reach their customers — especially on mobile devices. 3 out of 4 calls to mobile phones from unidentified numbers go unanswered.

To combat the rising number of robocalls and call spoofing, the industry has turned to solutions that verify the identity of outbound calling parties. Branded calling is one solution, providing consumers with contextual caller information and a clear identification of the originating caller.

Enterprises that use branded calling can display their business name on mobile device caller ID, increasing the likelihood that their call will be answered. Moreover, they can deliver enhanced call content to customers to improve the experience and boost call conversions.

Branded calling providers to offer a single, standards-based interface through which enterprises can sign outbound calls with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication and deliver branded caller ID experiences to their mobile customers. As a result, early adopters of this technology have seen a dramatic increase in their caller ID recognition and contact rates. It also helps them build trust and loyalty with their customers, improving customer perception of the brand and its products.

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