Best Unisex Baby Gift Options

A unisex baby gift is a perfect solution when shopping for a baby that doesn’t have any idea what they are going to be when they grow up yet. A unisex baby gift can be used long after they get too big to fit into their cute little outfits, and it allows you to pick out something that you would love to receive as well! Take a look at these best unisex baby gift options, and see if there’s something in this list that your friends or family members might enjoy as well!

A Glider or A Rocking Chair

It is important to give your child a place to sit and rock with their infant toys. Gliders and rocking chairs are affordable for parents without much spare room or money. Plus, anyone can use them, not just your newest family member. To choose a good chair, make sure that it’s sturdy, made of wood instead of cheap plastic, has armrests (so you can comfortably hold your baby while they nap), and has soft cushions that make it comfortable to sit in as well as rock in. It doesn’t have to be some expensive designer chair either; one that looks nice and is comfortable is all you need.

A Pram

Prams/baby strollers can be used for as long as your child requires you to push them around and beyond that. They’re multi-functional and can be used in a variety of settings. They come in a range of styles (traditional, sleeker), colours and prices, meaning they appeal to both genders too! Some strollers even have storage space for shopping bags or children’s toys – so you never have to carry anything either! Prams are also useful if you have twins or an older sibling who likes pushing their younger brother or sister around! As such, they’re one of our top picks for the best unisex baby gifts!



unisex baby gift



Toy Mobile Phones

This is a great mobile phone that allows your kids to play pretend with a toy mobile phone. It also provides them with great sound. This is good because they can learn how to text and call people at a young age just by playing around with it. Your children will have hours of fun while learning how to use a real-life phone!

Squeaky Toys

Whether you’re shopping for a young child or teenager, squeaky toys are sure to bring an element of fun to any child’s toy box. A good set of squeaky animal toys can keep even a toddler entertained. You can make it even more fun by helping them learn the names of animals in their native language. You may also want to consider taking them on a play date with other children who have squeaky toys; kids love hearing their favourite toy make sounds they don’t normally hear!


Maracas make a great, affordable unisex baby gift option. They’re something that babies of all ages enjoy playing with (and are absolutely mesmerized by). It doesn’t take a child long to figure out that they can produce sounds from these colourful instruments, and parents will appreciate that they’re keeping their little one occupied for long periods (allowing them to get chores done or do work around their house). You can find maracas for as little as $2 but keep in mind that you get what you pay for; we recommend finding one that’s in between $10-15. The more expensive maracas will last longer than cheaper versions, making them a better option overall.

Final Thoughts 

Babies are naturally curious. They love to experiment with new things, and toys provide endless hours of entertainment. Choosing a toy that doesn’t have any frills is probably a good idea because it will offer more opportunities for your child to figure out how things work on their own. Toys also provide sensory input and interaction—something important as children develop motor skills and begin interacting with others socially.

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