Best Free Spy Apps for Android without Having Target Phone

In this day and age, you cannot expect privacy from anyone. Your children are being watched over by parents, teachers, and even their friends. Spouses can’t trust each other as a single gesture of suspicion leads to a dead end. In short, everybody is spying on everyone else these days. It is almost impossible to escape the surveillance of the modern world.

As your kids are using their phones more often than you can imagine, it is better to get a spy app for the android phones before it is too late. With these kids’ apps, you get the best parenting advice and tips on how to deal with difficult situations involving your children. By installing these parental control apps on their phones, you can monitor their photos and videos as well as messages very closely.

You will be able to know what they are doing behind your back with the use of these spying apps on android phones without them ever knowing about it! The best part is that you do not even need to have access to their phone for installing these spy apps. The software is remotely installed and you get to keep a constant watch of your kid through your own devices. Read on about more of these apps that provide incredible spying capabilities.

1) Highster Mobile

This android spy app provides all of the same facilities as FlexiSPY but comes at a fraction of the cost. The app operates in complete stealth mode meaning that the target phone user will have no idea of the fact that their phone has been hacked. It gives you access to all of your kid’s messages on instant messenger apps, calls, photos, and videos as well as the GPS location of desired people whom they are communicating with or who are nearby them. The app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets and will keep working even if the SIM card has been changed.

2) Hoverwatch

This app is 100% undetectable meaning that the target phone user won’t be able to know of its existence on their devices. The app gives access to all incoming and outgoing calls, messages, GPS location, and web browsing history so that you know exactly what your kid is up to. The app also provides access to all media files on the device and spy text messages received or sent by the target phone user.

3) TeenSafe

If you are concerned about your child’s activity on their phones, this software can be of great help to parents who want to ensure that their kids are not getting involved in anything that they shouldn’t. The app provides real-time tracking of GPS location and also has a monitoring facility to give you access to all texts, social media apps, contacts, and photos on the target phone. It is available for both Android and iPhone devices and can be installed remotely.

4) SpyEra

This is a very discreet spy app through which you can keep a close eye on your kid’s activity on their phone. You get to have access to all of the target phone’s data every moment of the day and from any location in the world using an internet connection. The best part about this app is that it provides photo, video, and text logs of the target phone. You can also keep tabs on all calls made or received by the person being monitored.

5) Hoverwatch

It is another very effective spy app that allows you to monitor your kid’s activities on their phones without having access to their devices directly. The app sends you an email with details about all incoming and outgoing calls, messages, GPS location web browsing history so that you know exactly what your kid is up to. You can also keep tabs on all photos and videos sent or received by the target phone user.

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