Best Air Purifiers of 2021

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. Because the indoor air remains trapped and does not circulate as much as the outside air, many pollutants tend to thrive inside, increasing the risk of respiratory infections, neurological problems, etc. for residents. Pet dander, pollen, dust mites, paint fumes, and smoke released from cooking are some of the most common types of indoor allergens that can degrade air quality. In addition, poor ventilation, dirty upholstery and humid environments all contribute to a harmful indoor climate and make children, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses more susceptible to numerous health problems. However, a highly efficient special air filter (HEPA) can help to clean the bad room air by accumulating pollutants. It works in such a way that air is sucked into the machine on the floor by a fan, the embedded filters catch the pollutants in the perforations and the machine then releases the fresh air into the environment. A true HEPA filter can remove up to 99.9% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. Some types of air purifiers have activated carbon filters that can absorb odors and harmful chemicals, while others have UV filters that kill harmful microbes in the surrounding air.
Here is a list of the top ten air purifiers that provide effective protection from the indoor pollutants.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty was designed for rooms up to 361 sq ft and uses a decent 4-stage filtering process, including a pre-filter (first stage), carbon filter (second stage), true HEPA filter (third stage), and ionizer (fourth Step). Not only does it cancel out the decor in the room, but it also has great air filtering performance at high speed. The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Medical Air Purifier draws in air from the front, left, right and bottom vents and the filtered air exits vertically upwards. In Eco mode, the device automatically adjusts the fan speed by collecting data from the quality sensor. If the air quality is excellent during the last 30 minutes of the device, the device switches off automatically, thus saving electricity, reducing noise and ensuring the filter quality.

The device has a timer option which makes it easier for users who want to operate the device for a certain period of time. The pre-filter must be cleaned between 14 and 28 days. However, if you have pets, you should clean the filter as often as possible. The True HEPA filter captures 99.7% of airborne particles including dirt, mold spores, microbes, smoke, pet dander, etc., but the filter is not washable. However, the device only comes with a carbon filter, so replacing it would add additional maintenance costs and the high price of the device.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+

Blue Pure 211+, one of the most popular Blueair models, is the No. 2 Medical Grade Air Purifier tested by Consumer Reports. The filtration technology consists of a pre-filter and 2-in-1 particle plus carbon filter with electrostatic charge (HEPASilentTM) which has almost the same efficiency as HEPA filters (99%). When handling the particulate contaminants, the pre-filter can collect hair, lint, dust, etc. The highly efficient particle filter is made of polypropylene, which must be washed off every six months. The mesh-type activated carbon filter is capable of trapping airborne chemicals, smog, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc. With a clean air flow rate of 350 cubic feet per minute, the Blue Air Bluepure 211+ can purify air up to 525 sq. ft. five times an hour. The air purifier has a low noise profile of 31 to 56 dB (A), so that more air can be processed and less noise can be generated at the same time.

Levoite LV-H132

The LV-H132 is a compact air purifier of its kind that can vastly improve the quality of the air in your home. The device has a modern but subtle clean look that doesn’t attract much attention. The LV-H132 has simple controls, an LED night light to turn it on and off, and an intelligent filter change indicator that shows when the filter should be changed. The light and easy to transport air purification device offers an excellent price. With the three-stage filter system, LV-H132 performs well and offers satisfactory air cleaning efficiency of up to 94%. When buying a device based on the price and the presence of HEPA cleaners alone, Levoit-H132 is the perfect choice.

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