Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Your child asks for music lessons, but you think it will be a waste of time and they should focus on their grades. Think again, learning a musical instrument might just help them with their homework.

Many serious studies have been conducted on the effects of music on the brain.

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning claims that Baroque music and pieces composed by Mozart activate the left and right brain, which helps improve memory (if played at a rate of 60 beats per minute). The study also revealed that playing a musical instrument/singing makes the brain better able to process information.

In November 2005, Stanford University research also found that musical training makes the brain better able to process information In particular how the brain processes words – this may improve a number of reading problems such as dyslexia.

Other studies have also found that music may help a child’s reading age, IQ, and brain development. Adults can benefit too, music has been found to help the mind stay alert and have an active memory.

Playing a music can help relieve stress and calm the body.

Learning to play a musical instrument teaches you discipline and may help children in their school-work. Studies show that most children who play an instrument do better in school than most children who do not play an instrument.

Playing an instrument is a great way to express yourself creatively.

Most importantly, playing an instrument is fun and a really cool skill. Music brings people together socially and is a universal language.

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