Background Check Removal Service


EraseMugshots is a service that works on behalf of you to cleanse your public documents, arrest records and other personal information that is not on the most popular data aggregate sites. This background-check removal solution dramatically minimizes the chance of damaging information that could harm your personal and professional life.

Following the completion of our service to remove criminal records the only place your information can be found is in the county offices. Get off the grid and live a more relaxed life with the knowledge that your past is not a hindrance anymore.

Anyone can collaborate with us. No matter what your criminal charge or the outcome is, we are able to remove your personal information. You may be eligible for an online expungement option!

We believe in internet Privacy and are Here to Help You Restore Your Privacy.

This service removes background checks and is useful for those who are worried about their criminal history or other personal information that is found in a background check. Enhance your chances of being hired, get a job, buy a home and get married, or get your personal data off people who stalk you.

There aren’t any conditions for eligibility. Choose a suitable solution and we’ll get in touch with you to obtain the necessary documents and then handle the remaining.

If so, our solution for removing background information is just what you’re looking for! Our specialists in removal will help you eliminate the following information from your background report. most popular data aggregates of 45+ available online:

  • Contact Information (Name Address, Contact Number Email Address and many more)
  • Information about your relatives (Parents Children, Parents, and close friends)
  • Links to Social Media
  • Criminal Histories (Regardless of the result)
  • The Sex Offenders’ List in your Area
  • The greatest part? There are no conditions to meet to be eligible to use our service for background checks!
  • We believe that every person is entitled to regain their privacy and we strive to make the process as simple as we can.

How Do We Remove Items From Websites for Background Checks

The removal crew from our company will go through the internet to locate your background information on numerous websites (over 45!). We then provide the required documents and legal papers required to erase your personal information. After success in removing your information, we inform Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to modify their search results to reflect these changes.

Private firms earn money every year by allowing access to your personal records to anyone who has Internet access. Even if the record has been sealed or expunged it is easily accessible online. While companies should not consider the information in hiring or housing decision-making, the fact is that this information is frequently used when making choices about who to employ or rent to and who to date and so on.

By using our background-check removal service you don’t need to be concerned about becoming a victim of past mistakes. We can clean your profile and allow you to live a life that is free of worry.

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