Australia visa and immigration Updates: Changes in 2022

Australian immigration Updates has come up with an important change during November: Are you thinking of a change of lifestyle in Australia? To find out about changes in immigration Updates and for up-to-date visa information read on this article!

There is some immigration Updates of the introduction of the sponsored parent visas

A few Changes to the criterion of 4020 fraud public interest

New requirements meant for health insurance and not having a health care debt

New conditions stating temporary residents for using a single identity while dealing with Government departments and not engaging in criminal conduct.

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Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa immigration Updates

The Government had made an announcement before about introducing the sponsored parent visas in November 2017. The legislation named as the Migration Amendment -Family Violence and Other Measures –

Changes to 4020 Fraud Public Interest Criteria

Changes have initiated to the 4020 Public Interest Criteria. This will result in denying visa applications. When misleading or false information is provided. an application which has refused in the last 3 years, but now the changes mean that an application is liable to be refused if misleading or false information is provided for Visas held/ applied Within the last 10 years. False information in a visa application, affects future applications for ten years. This clause is valid will apply for any visa applications made within the last 10 years.

A simple issue in 4020 is the failure to state past criminal records while submitting a visa application. The visa application form requires to include a declaration about previous offenses. When it does not complete correctly, it can start 4020 issues. This affects both the present as well as future applications, for the next ten years. These changes work with the aim that no misleading or false information is provided in the visa application.

Public Health Care Debts

The Australian Government concerned about health care costs. This has incurred by temporary visa holders in Australia. Visa condition 8602 requires temporary visa applicants not to have a public health debt which is outstanding. This includes to all medical costs owing to Australian state/territory/federal governments.

Health Insurance Requirements Clarified

Temporary visas require that an applicant must hold appropriate health insurance for granting it and that they must also continue to hold it in Australia on their visas. Now additional arrangements for health insurance” set further to the Migration Regulations. This permits the Minister to specify the type of health insurance which answers the needs of the visas. New health conditions affect people who need medical treatment and lead to obtaining proper health insurance.

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