Are you a rising business? Then definitely use your logo on these places!

In this era, unless you add a professional logo to the company, it doesn’t feel all that special to customers. Customers won’t notice you without your logo, even if you start with the coolest ideas. 

Your company logo can add a great touch to the business! In fact, 50% of consumers feel they’re more likely to buy from a brand with a recognized logo.

But after designing your logo, where will you place it so as to make it noticeable? Well, keep reading this article to find out more!

1. Product packages

This is definitely one place where your company logo needs to be visible. In addition, whenever you’re shipping out your items to customers, ensure that the packaging prominently displays the logo.

This way, customers will get excited when they receive their packages and want to purchase from you again.

Everyone knows that successful companies have unique packaging, and these packages can be easily recognized with the company’s logo, which is often printed on the top.

If you want to do the same, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and figure out where you can stick your logo so that the customer has a unique unboxing experience with your parcel.

2. Business cards

You might think business cards have become obsolete, but that’s far from the truth. Even today, business cards remain one of the most popular tools for promoting your brand, especially when you’re still a rising business. 

So print your company’s logo on the front face of business cards, and you will surely grab their attention. 

When you get business card, whether paper-based or digital, make sure that your logo is right there on top. 

While designing the cards, make sure that the logo isn’t pushed to a corner or small in size. 

It should be printed in a tasteful way so that the white space of the cards can complement the logo colors and font. 

3. Letters and emails

Any business owner knows the importance of sending emails to customers, business partners, suppliers, and anyone else who might be an integral part of the company. 

Even though adding your logo at the end of every email can sound repetitive, it will actually enhance your brand visibility. 

This way, whenever someone opens your emails, they’ll keep seeing your brand name and logo at the bottom, and your company will be etched in their mind. 

Your goal should be to make your business so familiar to the customer that the first company that comes to their mind when they require a product is yours. Then, of course, do this when you send subscriber or promotional offers too.

4. Company website

Your website is a huge part of your brand’s identity. Whenever someone wants to shop from you, they will most likely open Google and type your website name. And if the site doesn’t contain the company logo, it will look very unprofessional. 

The two most common places to put the logo are the header at the top left and the favicon in the small space next to the address bar on the browser tab. 

If your website is mobile-optimized, you also need to make sure that the logo gets downloaded in different sizes on all sorts of devices. 

If you have a WordPress site, the logo will depend on your chosen theme.

5. Business stationery

Logos add a touch of professionalism and color to any sort of stationery, be it notepads, pens, or pen holders. 

Even though you might have to invest a little more money to print out your company logo on promotional products, it’s a good idea to do it. 

For example, whenever you host a giveaway on your social media page, give a free pen with an inscribed logo. 

Some other items where you can print your logo are caps, t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags. If possible, make these items look trendy and add your logo in a way that doesn’t make the product look tacky. 

Collaborate with an influencer or your existing customers to post pictures of them using these products.

Over to you

These are the five most popular areas where you can easily inscribe your company logo. So don’t wait anymore, and get started today!

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