Are Expensive Locks More Secure?

Is it useful to spend more money on more expensive locks? Are they more secure? 

Many homeowners and business owners have had similar concerns about the safety of their loved ones and valued things, assisting them to ask the same questions.

The truth is that deadbolts and smart locks provide a level of security and confidence that normal locks do not, and that investing in expensive, high-security locks has more benefits than you might think.


Desert Locksmith has been a leader in the field for years, providing certified lock installation services, repair, and maintenance services. From normal, dump, or classic locks to deadbolts, smart biometrics, and other high-security locks, we’ve improved and worked on them all. Call our professional and expert locksmith for satisfying services if you want to enhance your office location’s locks or security system.

In this post, our experts will show you why it’s worth spending the extra money on smart and pricey locks, as well as the advantages of updating your house or business security system. You can call Desert Locksmith for smart lock installation

Keyless Locks

First and foremost, costly locks have their advantages. They take away the need for a physical key, which can be easily misplaced, lost, or stolen. A keyless lock also forces a burglar to think outside the box and try new methods of entry. Kicking in the front door or destroying a window are examples of this. Both activities frequently cause a noise that attracts the notice of passers-by, neighbors, police officers patrolling the street late at night, or even anyone who is inside the house at the time of the attempted robbery.

As a result, a costly lock that does not require the use of metal keys is usually an excellent burglar deterrent. Intruders who can enter your home in “silent mode,” without making any suspicious noises, will most likely catch you off guard in the middle of the night. The last thing you want to see when you wake up is an intruder on top of you, pointing a gun at your head and demanding your safe combination. You should have ample time to contact 911 and equip yourself or hide in your safe room once you hear someone has broken into your house.

No Lock Tampering

Locks of higher grades that are more expensive cannot be picked, and tampering with them needs more abilities than most opportunist criminals have. No one wants to start drilling a lock or cutting it with a torch in the middle of the night. While these attempts will be audible, they will also leave visible evidence of the break-in. This is significant since many people who had their homes broken into had no idea what had transpired because their traditional locks had no forced entry signs.

Insurance Claims 

A high-end lock will exhibit traces of forced entry right away. This will avoid the regrettable situation of entering your house while the burglars are still present, potentially resulting in an armed encounter. These smart or high-security locks will allow you to call the police before entering your home, which may not seem like much to you, but trust us and when we say it will make all the difference if your house is broken into.

If your home has been broken into and valuable items have been stolen, filing police or insurance claims can feel like hitting a brick wall. With insufficient evidence and no traces of forced entry on your conventional lock, you’ll have a hard time persuading the authorities that your property was indeed burglarized. Because there is no evidence of entrance, insurance companies may believe you are attempting to conduct insurance fraud. So, if your home is the victim of a property crime, you will thank yourself afterward.

No Locking Out 

You will also avoid the inconvenience of locking yourself out whenever you are not paying enough attention to what you are doing because smart, electronic, keypad or biometric locks do not come with any keys. A lockout from your home is one of the most unpleasant, perplexing, and frustrating situations you may find yourself in. If it happens when your tiny children are there, you never know what frantic break-in methods you’ll try to get in before anything horrible happens. While there are emergency lockout services available, they are usually quick and accurate, and the expensive lock can help you avoid having to pay locksmiths or call the police for assistance.


It’s a better idea to hire a locksmith to install security locks for your home than to do it yourself. A do-it-yourself project can turn into a costly disaster that could have been avoided in the first place. Keep a physical key with you at all times, but electronic or smart keys are also a good idea. The best thing to do is consult a locksmith to determine which method is appropriate for you.


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