Are Custom Anime Items Like A Death Note Shirt Available?

Light Yagami, L and Misa Amane Death Note Cosplay by LightYagamiCosplays on  DeviantArt

As popular as anime has become today, it wasn’t always so well-liked outside of eastern countries. One of the most watched original anime shows outside of Pokemon is Death Note. 

A shinigami by the name of Ryuk decides to have some fun one day because he and the other 

shinigami had grown tired of being bored. To end the lives of people they judge, the shinigami employ a book known as the Death Note. 

To do this, they must picture the target’s face and put in the notebook the target’s name and the cause of their death within just six minutes and 40 seconds of writing the name; otherwise, they will just pass away from a heart attack. Ryuk leaves his dying note in the world, where it is discovered by a student by the name of Light Yagami. 

When he first reads the regulations, he believes it is simply a practical joke, but then he uses it to protect someone from a pair of street punks. Light vows to bring his unique version of justice onto the world after he discovers the death note’s full power. 

After receiving the moniker “Kira” online from individuals who support what Light is doing, Light adopts it. Naturally, this raises attention to the authorities, who then stop considering these deaths to be coincidences and engage a top investigator they just refer to as L.

Then, as they make maneuver after move in an attempt to bring down their unique version of righteousness in the world, L & Light (Kira) engage in one of the most remarkable matches of psychological chess anyone has ever seen. 

Death Note has been remastered and re-released as a special edition set. Along with that is a lot of merchandise, such as death note memorabilia, like a death note shirt, death note hats, stickers, and other fun gear. They all feature the original anime characters and are highly sought after. 

The Individuals 

The cast is both large and little at the exact same time. Although there are a number of supporting individuals, some of them are given growth while others simply seem to be there to further the plot. 

Unlike many of the anime of today, when the supporting characters are clear plot devices, these characters really feel realistic despite the fact that they receive little to no development. It contributes to Death Note’s appeal.

Yagami Light

Yagami Light serves as both the antagonist and the protagonist. In the protagonist’s eyes, by punishing criminals who he believes ought to have faced worse punishment than they did, he is enacting his own brand of justice. This is one of the first characters in anime to have this story line type. Click here to learn more on anime and its subgenres. 

He sometimes selects criminals who are now committing atrocities in order to protect the defenseless. He is also a villain because, although having good intentions, Light’s ideas and tactics are flawed, and the Death Note’s influence is what pushes him in this direction.

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L is a skilled investigator and a recognized genius who has solved several cases that others thought were unsolvable. 

He is hired to look into Kira, and as a result, the investigation becomes a game comparable to chess in which every move is important to solving the puzzle. L has a very calm, analytical demeanor. You doubt everything he says since you are not sure if he is asking for information or just chit-chatting. 

Every action L does serves a reason, which is what makes him such a fascinating character. They mean it when they say he ranks as one of the best investigators in the entire world. 


This is the shinigami ( that left his Death Note for Light to find throughout the world. He does not just leave it there and watch from a distance. Instead, he follows Light and sees everything for himself. Ryuk follows Light because he finds people to be really fascinating, and only for this reason. 

Ryuk does not really have much of an impact on Light, but his appearance and his remarks make him the ideal supporting character who still has significance and contributes to the plot without actually accomplishing anything. It takes skill to do something like that, therefore props to the inventors for being successful.

One of Kira’s most ardent fans, Misa Amane Misa, becomes her replacement Kira. 

Light realizes she must be stopped but considers it would be preferable to employ her instead. Then, Misa and Light work together to try to divert L’s inquiry. One of those highly irritating female characters is Misa. 

Although a lot of fans did not like her demeanor at all, most of them can see why they included her. If not, the entire L vs. Light conflict could have grown boring. She was the fresh dynamic they required to maintain their competition. She thereby accomplished her goal. 

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