Aluminium is becoming the first choice to personal care brands when it comes to packaging

Personal care brands, specifically the manufacturers of perfumes, soaps and shampoos, have started using aluminium perfume bottles, aluminium lotion bottles, aluminium trigger spray bottles, aluminium foam bottles as the packaging material for their products.

The shift from high-density polyethene and PET bottles to aluminium is a significant move because it confines to “better ingredients, better materials” ideology. These companies often make their products targeting a customer who have different preferences such as vegas, palm oil-free, organic, animal cruelty-free, etc. And for them, packaging becomes an important part of the whole process because taking care of or not harming the environment while manufacturing products is slowly becoming mandatory for CDP rating (Carbon Disclosure Rating).

Aluminium as a metal is recyclable, and not only that, but after each recycling, the properties of the metal remain the same. Therefore, aluminium remains to be infinitely recyclable, and it is far better than plastics because, after every recycling operation, the quality of the plastics starts degrading. In terms of durability, sustainability, etc., aluminium outperforms plastic consistently.

Several brands use the recyclable feature as a special feature when it comes to marketing their products. Moreover, recycling aluminium consumes 90 percent less energy than producing it from bauxite.

Hygiene and other personal care brands target customers who look for sustainability. These types of customers don’t care about prices, instead they are concerned about the quality of the product and how effective the product is. To attract these types of target customers the personal care companies are adapting aluminium packaging as their first choice.

Usually cosmetic and other personal care products have high prices and need to be properly secured from external influences to retain their original properties and effectiveness. Aluminium provides all the safety features required to properly seal the products and separate it from outer influences. Whereas the metallic shine can enhance the visual beauty of the product, the inherent features of the metal protects the products from sunlight, oxygen, microbes and gases.

Cosmetic products are very sensitive and complex. The maquillage often includes chemical compounds, special oils, herbal products and vitamins. These substances need proper protection from any external influences to work the way it is intended to be and aluminium provides them all of that. Also these products need enough shelf life so that they can be sustained long enough for both the shops and when the customers purchase them. All of the above requirements are completely satisfied by the aluminium packaging products such as aluminum bottles, aluminum foam bottles, aluminum lotion bottles, aluminum perfume bottles, aluminum fine mist bottles, etc.

Although aluminium is a bit expensive, the consumers of these special brands are not that price-conscious, not to mention the products themselves are quite expensive. On the other hand, these brands can use glass materials, but it is fragile, expensive and energy-consuming when it comes to recycling. Using aluminium manufacturers can skip a process while designing and printing by directly engraving the logos and design in the metal surface.


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