Air Conditioning Installation: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Looking to install a new air conditioner? If so, you may think once you install it, it’ll work for years without giving you issues. Well, yeah, this is only true if you do things right during the installation and avoid certain mistakes. 

Poor air conditioning installation will affect the performance of your system. Furthermore, it will cost you money on constant repairs. The best way to avoid this is to get it right off the bat by avoiding the following mistakes.

Using the Wrong Size 

Air conditioners typically come in different sizes depending on their capacity. An AC capacity is called the tonnage or ton. You can check here to learn more about the meaning of ton. When installing an AC, you need to consider the ton and be sure it’s suitable for the place you want to install it. 

Installing a unit with a much higher ton than what is needed for the room it’s to be installed will cause excessive dryness. It will also consume a lot of energy thereby, costing you more money to operate. If the AC’s capacity is too small, it won’t air the room optimally and may likely wear out faster. This is why you need to get the correct size (capacity) of AC that will fit the room you want to install it in. 

Wrong Placement 

How the unit is placed can also affect how well it works and its energy efficiency. The outdoor part should typically be placed in a cool and shady area. However, it should be kept away from bushes and trees that may restrict air circulation. 

The indoor part should also be placed in a strategic position that allows proper air circulation. It also should not be placed above your closet or bed or opposite the workplace or sofa as this can make it uncomfortable fast. Before the installation is done, take your time to properly consider the best place to place the unit. 

Wrong Thermostat Placement 

The thermostat in your air conditioning unit monitors and regulates the cooling system. You can visit to learn how the thermostat works. If the thermostat isn’t placed in a good spot, it can affect the efficiency of the whole cooling system. Do not place your thermostat under direct sunlight, or close to a heat-generating object. 

Not Hiring a Professional AC Installer 

All the mistakes we have discussed so far and several other mistakes can be avoided by hiring a professional installer. Hiring a substandard service or doing it yourself will most likely result in mistakes. So, avoid these issues by simply hiring a pro from the start. 

The best thing to do when hiring a professional AC installer is to hire locally. For instance, if you live in Creasy Ln, Lafayette, Indiana, it will be advisable to get an installer within that area. When you hire within the area, you can always rest assured that even during emergencies, you can get a pro at your doorstep in record time. However, there are several companies offering HVAC services in Creasy Lafayette; so, you have to take your time to select the right company.

Powell Heating and Cooling

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A good company will offer the best service to ensure and avoid even the tiniest installation mistakes. For example, Powell Heating and Cooling is a good HVAC company that can handle all kinds of installations while providing quality and trusted warranties. However, to get a good company, you can’t just go with the first company you come across. You need to take your time and do your due diligence.


Mistakes made during the installation of your air conditioning system can affect its efficiency. It can also cost you a lot of money in the long run. Rather than doing it yourself or hiring an amateur, make sure you hire a professional who knows all these mistakes and how to avoid them.

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