Acts of Service: How to Lighten the Load for Your Loved Ones

In relationships, unfortunately, there are times when we can start to feel taken advantage of or that we’re growing apart. Sure, you may have a set “date night” that you stick to, but when was the last time you did something unexpected just to help them out?

Virtually everyone has tons of things going on in their lives, and it can be a huge relief when someone takes a little off our hands. This doesn’t mean that you have to learn how to install a plumbing system so he can watch the game this Sunday; just the slightest act of service can be of tremendous help.

With that in mind, we put together some things that you can do to help lighten your loved one’s daily load.

5 Ideas for Her

If you want to make her day, try one of these.

  1. The dreaded honey-do list: If she has been after you for a while to get things done around the house, knock a few of them out one evening after work.
  2. Help her relax: Pick up some of her favorite types of cookies, draw her a hot bubble bath, and top it off with a massage with soothing oils.
  3. A night off: Give her an evening to just do whatever she wants. No matter whose turn it is, take care of dinner, dishes, putting the kids to bed, and any other nightly duties.
  4. Just because: On her day off, surprise her with a cup of gourmet tea and a flower bouquet and take the kids to the park or a movie to give her some much-needed downtime.
  5. Ask!: Forego any room for error and simply ask her, “How can I make your day better?” Everyone is different, so rather than assuming you know what she needs, ask her directly.

5 Ideas for Him

Men may not always express it, but they too appreciate acts of service. Here are some simple ideas to show him you care.

  1. Lend a helping hand: If he’s working on a project around the house, offer your assistance. Even if it’s just holding a ladder or handing him tools, it’ll make the task go faster and show that you support his endeavors.
  2. Take care of his to-do list: If he’s been meaning to take care of something but hasn’t had time, surprise him by doing it for him. Whether it’s picking up dry cleaning or breaking out the pet grooming kit for Fido, he’ll appreciate the extra time you’ve given him to relax.
  3. Cook his favorite meal: Take it upon yourself to make his favorite dish for dinner. Bonus points if you surprise him with a clean kitchen afterward!
  4. Give him space: He gave the garage a makeover and transformed it into his “man cave because sometimes men just need some time alone to unwind and recharge. Respect that and offer to take the kids out for a few hours or give him some quiet time at home.
  5. Show your appreciation: Write a heartfelt note or leave a small gift on his desk to show how much you appreciate all that he does for you and the family.


Acts of service may seem like small gestures, but they can have a huge impact on your relationship. By putting in effort to lighten each other’s daily load, you’ll not only show your love and support for one another but also strengthen the bond between you. So next time you’re feeling disconnected from your partner, try out some of these ideas and see how they can improve your relationship in unexpected ways. Remember, a little act of service can go a long way.

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