Acid Reflux: Is It A Direct Cause Of The Heart Palpitations?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is the cause of chest tightening sensation. People often ask if heart palpitation can be caused by acid reflux or not. This article will reveal in detail how acid reflux is indirectly linked to heart palpitations.

Palpitation occurs during any physical activity or when you are stressed. Do you know what heart palpitations feel like?

It is a fluttering sensation that you feel in your chest and it makes you feel like your heart skipped a beat. The other condition is when you feel a higher heart rate than normal.

GERD also makes you feel chest tightness but it is different from heart palpitations. When air is being trapped in the esophagus, it also makes you feel like you have heart palpitations.

What Are The Causes Of The Heart Palpitations?

There is no evidence that acid reflux is directly linked with heart palpitations. Mental illnesses are directly linked to palpitations. The Best Heart Specialists in Multan say that GERD has different symptoms, like anxiety and stress. These emotional behaviors are the causes of heart palpitations.

There are some other causes of heart palpitations, such as:

  • Stress
  • Fever
  • Caffeine
  • Hormone changes
  • Medications

Some risk factors increase the chances of heart palpitations.

Risk Palpitations for Heart Palpitations 

You are at risk if you have the following conditions:

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have anemia
  • If you have hyperthyroidism
  • If you have heart valve conditions
  • If you have a history of heart problems, such as a heart attack

How to Diagnose Heart Palpitations?

Your doctor listens to your heartbeats through a stethoscope. The other way is to check the thyroid. Doctors check the thyroids if they are swollen or not. Swollen thyroid means that you have an overactive thyroid. There are different tests that your doctor will ask for:

Electrocardiogram ECG

It is a test of your heart rate while you are at rest or during exercise. During ECG, doctors record the electrical impulses from your heart and track heart rhythm.

Event recorder 

Your condition may need the use of an event recorder. It records your heartbeats on demand. During the feeling of heart palpitations, you need to push a button on the recorder as it will record the event.

Holter Monitor 

A Holter monitor is also a good way to record heart palpitations as it can record your heart rhythm for up to 24 to 72 hours.


It is a noninvasive test that includes a chest ultrasound. This ultrasound helps to view the heart’s function and structure.

Treatment of the heart palpitations 

Having heart palpitations does not mean that you have a serious heart issue. There is no such treatment but your doctor will suggest some of the best lifestyle choices that can help to avoid heart palpitations. Healthy lifestyle choices prevent heart conditions and other health problems.

Stress management is also crucial when it comes to controlling your heart palpitations. You should practice deep breathing exercises and avoid activities that can cause anxiety.

Regular physical activity can also help to maintain your heart rate.

What to do if you feel heart palpitations?

When you experience chest tightness along with heart palpitations, seek medical help as it can be a sign of a serious heart-related problem.

You are also at risk if anyone in your family has had a heart problem, like a heart attack, etc. sometimes, you may experience intense palpitations with chest pain, shortness of breath, and weakness at the same time.

It indicates serious conditions.

Doctors suggest that as you age, you need to be more active and shouldn’t intake more than the required calories. Walking, swimming and other physical activities are crucial for a healthy old-age life. Leafy greens, veggies and fruits can help you to prevent such heart-related problems.

Final Thought 

You should discuss your heart palpitations if you are on any medicines. It is crucial as some medicines can increase the heartbeat.


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