A Guide On How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing By Plumbers In Bakersfield CA.

Plumbers in Bakersfield CA

Freezing and bursting pipes are common and frustrating problems to many people. During cold weather, pipes are ruptured and are the main reason for property damage. They can easily cost you more than $5000. Not to worry, as there are ways to prevent pipes from freezing and preventing ice blockages. You can also protect your water systems. Find out in this guide how to prevent pipes from freezing by Plumbers in Bakersfield CA. After knowing these few techniques, you won’t be worried about any pipe system damage caused by cold weather.

How Are Pipes Frozen

When the temperature drops, water freezes. That’s why water pipes are vulnerable to freezing, and eventually, they burst. Water expands when it freezes. The same applies to water pipes. Water pipes are ruptured when water insides them freezes and expands. However, when the ice is formed in tubes, they rarely burst –instead, lines force pressure downstream between the faucet and the ice blockage. People in both northern and southern regions experience freezing pipes.

Insulating Pipes

When you face a frozen pipes issue, you may think of hiring Plumbers near me. According to professional plumbers, the best idea to prevent pipes from being frozen is to purchase specifically designed pipe insulation. In comparison with the costs of a burst water pipe, the insulation of pipes is a relatively small investment. If you are thinking of insulating your water system, then pay particular attention to lines in unheated and interior spaces of your home, such as your basement and the attic. The most common types of pipe insulation are made from fiberglass and foam.

Keep Your Garage Doors Shut

Another way to prevent your water pipes from being frozen is to keep your garage doors shut. If your water supply lines go through your garage interior, then it is vital to follow this step. The garage features a high amount of smooth concrete, which keeps the area cold. When the place is cold enough without the incoming freezing air, and you have left the garage door open, you are waiting for the disaster to happen.


Keeping The Cabinets Open

Keeping kitchen cabinets open from time to time can allow warm air to circulate through the interior area of the house. It enables to keep the water pipes warm and prevent ice from forming up inside the pipes, thus avoiding pipe rupture. If there are minor children and curious pets inside your house, you should remove all household chemicals and toxic cleaners from the cabinet before leaving them open.

Keeping The Thermostat Consistent

Keeping your thermostat at the same temperature throughout the night helps prevent ice blockages in your pipes. We see many homeowners lowering their thermostat temperature during the evening to reduce the cost of the bill. They don’t know that a burst out pipe will cost them more than just a gas bill.

Leaving The Heat On

If you plan on leaving your home during winter, make sure that you leave the heat on while you are far away. If you are thinking of lowering the temperature of your house to reduce the heating bill, think again. You are calling for a disaster if the cold temperature hits and your pipes freeze and burst.


Professional Plumbing Solutions in Bakersfield CA usually recommend that you first know all the steps mentioned above to prevent your water pipes from bursting. To get additional information on the whole house to repipe system, reach out to our professional plumbers at Amen Plumbing & Drain. We have years of experience in pipe clog cleaning and drain cleaning services. Call us at (661) 348-9336 for more information.


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