8 tips to look out for when requesting a plumbing quote

  • Do you need a plumber in Local Area,
  • Pest county, but you don’t know how to request a quote?
  • Have you contacted several plumbers, but don’t adjust to the quotes you receive?
  • A little distrustful because you had previously had to pay a craftsman more than you had agreed in advance? Pay attention to these 8 things and you can avoid surprises!

If you have a plumbing problem that cannot be solved with home appliances, it’s time to call in a mechanic.
If it’s not an extra urgency, ask for a quote so you can prepare for the expected costs – and to assess how professional your plumber is!

Here are 8 tips to look out for when requesting a quote for plumbing:

1. More plumbers, more quotes

Especially before installation, which seems expensive, it is worth asking for a quote for the plumbing work to be carried out from at least 2-3 places. If one of them lists items in detail (assets, contingencies, wages) that the others do not, you can reasonably assume that we will incur extra costs later on for those offers, even if they seem cheaper at first glance. Sometimes the cheapest is the most expensive!

2. What do you need to get?

When discussing the details of the work, be sure to clarify which materials and tools are provided by the mechanic and which are what you may need to obtain. This way you can include these in the price of plumbing installation from the beginning.

3. Warranty for water installation work

It is also important to ask the mechanic about the warranty: in case of damage, exactly how long does it live, how long and is it complete?

4. Working from a far-far galaxy…

Although many plumbers today are willing to go further for a larger job, I still recommend choosing a plumber in your area. If you live in or around the capital, give preference to plumbers in Area.
In the case of the first, larger job, it is even conceivable that a plumber from afar will take a longer trip, but he may not be able to do the same for warranty repairs. Do you want to wait weeks for a 10 minute job?

5. Hidden extras?

Plumbing is not a car, there is not necessarily an advantage to a lot of extras. Feel free to ask if you can expect any unforeseen extra costs in addition to the quote! (For example: how much damage will you do to the bathroom fixture when you connect the water meter, what exactly to expect?)

6. Alone or in a team?

If major demolition work is required for the installation, can the plumber solve all of these, or may he need to hire another professional to do the work? If so, can the plumber recommend someone or should you look for one?

7. What about the shit?

If the installation involves the generation of more serious waste, do you have to take care of its removal or will the mechanic solve it? This is because in the case of prefabricated flats, this cannot be thrown away in the trash, it is necessary to arrange separate transport.

8. What else to prepare for?

You should at least roughly clarify how much time the work will take, how much time you will need to take, and how long there will be no water in your household. Prepare for these in advance, do not find out during the day that it is not possible to flush the toilet!

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