8 Bedroom Upgrades for Couples Moving in Together

Moving in together is a big, exciting step for couples. It’s a time filled with shared dreams and the fun of merging your lives, especially when it comes to setting up your new shared home together. And the most crucial part of this space is your new bedroom.

The bedroom isn’t just for sleeping; it’s where you’ll share quiet moments, lazy Sunday mornings, and unwind after busy days. So, it’s important to create a bedroom that feels comfortable and is a reflection of both of your personalities. Let’s dive into some bedroom upgrades that can make your shared space feel like a perfect blend of you both.

  1. Choosing a Theme That Reflects Both Personalities

When two individuals come together, their bedroom should be a mix of both their tastes. It’s all about compromise and harmony. Say one of you loves bright, bold colors, and the other prefers a more subdued palette. Why not blend the two? 

You could go for neutral walls with vibrant art pieces or cushions. Or, if one loves a vintage look and the other prefers modern chic, mix and match vintage decor with contemporary furniture. The goal is to create a space that speaks to both of you, a blend that feels just right when you both step in.

  1. Investing in a Quality Mattress 

A peaceful night’s sleep is essential, and much of that comfort comes from your mattress. With two people now sharing this space, finding a mattress that suits both your sleeping styles is key. 

You can opt for Sealy mattresses, which you can browse in stores or online, offering a variety of choices that cater to different sleeping preferences. Maybe you need a mattress that minimizes movement for a light sleeper, or perhaps you’re looking for something orthopedic. Take the time to choose a mattress that promises comfort for both, ensuring that every night in your new shared bedroom is a restful one.

  1. Ample Storage for Two

One of the practical challenges of moving in together is managing belongings. Suddenly, you have twice as much stuff in the same amount of space. It’s crucial to have smart storage solutions. 

Think about installing a larger closet or using storage organizers to make the most of your existing space. Another great idea is to use beds with built-in storage underneath. This way, you can keep your shared space clutter-free and organized, making your bedroom a more comfortable place to be.

  1. Creating a Relaxing Lighting Scheme

The right lighting can transform your bedroom from a functional space to a cozy haven. For a relaxing ambiance, consider installing dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the brightness to match your mood or activity. 

Bedside lamps are great for reading or late-night conversations, while soft, indirect lighting can create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Think about what you both like — maybe one of you enjoys reading in bed while the other prefers to wind down in dim light. With a combination of different lighting options, you can ensure your bedroom meets both your needs.

  1. Incorporating Personal Art and Photos

Your bedroom walls are the perfect canvas to display what’s close to your heart. Combining your favorite art pieces or framed photographs can instantly make the space feel more personal and connected to your joint journey. Perhaps you have photos from trips you’ve taken together or art that you both admire. Arranging these in a creative gallery wall can add a unique touch to your bedroom. 

It’s not just about decoration; it’s about surrounding yourselves with memories and pieces that tell your story as a couple.

  1. Designing a Cozy Reading or Sitting Area

Having a dedicated space in your bedroom for relaxation or leisure activities can be a wonderful addition. If you both enjoy reading, a cozy reading nook with comfortable chairs and good lighting can be your little escape within the home. Or, if you prefer, a small sitting area with a couch or a couple of armchairs and a coffee table can be perfect for morning chats or evening coffee. 

This dedicated space within your bedroom adds another layer of functionality, catering to those moments when you want to unwind together in a more intimate setting.

  1. Smart Tech for a Connected Bedroom

In the modern age, incorporating technology into your living spaces can add convenience and a touch of modernity. Smart bedroom upgrades like voice-controlled lights, a smart thermostat, or even automated blinds can enhance your bedroom experience. Imagine adjusting the lighting or temperature without having to get out of bed or waking up to natural light with smart blinds that open at a set time. 

These tech additions are not just about impressing with gadgets; they’re about making your shared space more comfortable and attuned to your lifestyle needs.

  1. Adding Greenery for a Natural Touch

Introducing plants into your bedroom can bring a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Plants not only improve air quality but also add a calming, natural element to your decor. 

Choose varieties that are easy to care for and thrive indoors, like snake plants or peace lilies. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, low-maintenance plants can thrive with minimal care. For those who prefer a more hassle-free approach, high-quality artificial plants or nature-inspired art can also bring a sense of the outdoors into your bedroom.


As you embark on this exciting journey of living together, remember that your bedroom should be a reflection of both of you. It’s a space where you’ll share countless moments, so making it comfortable and inviting is key. 

From choosing the right mattress to adding personal touches with art and technology, each upgrade you make is a step towards building a space that resonates with your shared life. The goal is to create a bedroom that not only looks great but also feels like a perfect fit for both your needs and preferences. 

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