7 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom in 7 Days

You need to update your bedroom, but are you afraid of the cost? These 7 ideas won’t require any invasive or lengthy interventions but will completely transform the bedroom for very little money.

Matching different wallpapers

You have the wall behind your bed as a blank canvas. Wallpaper is an option, but you can also change the look of the room by using different patterns. To avoid being confused, we try to find a common factor that will make them all harmonious, such as their color.

It is important to note that wallpapering can be difficult. Professionals are better equipped to prepare and apply the wallpaper in a flawless and lasting manner.

Add some black details to everything and paint it white

You can paint your walls and furniture white if you have basic bedroom furniture (bed, side tables, and desk). Once you have protected the floor from damage, it’s time to apply putty and sand all the surfaces. Be sure to use paints that are compatible with different materials. After the painting phase is completed, you can refine the room’s appearance by adding black details.

Modify the color scheme

In this example, instead of focusing on white, as in the previous example, we will be focusing on color. To change the palette, you need to be able to make changes to coatings, upholstery, and accessories. This is why an upholsterer may be needed to replace the curtains and bed upholstery and a bricklayer to put the walls in place.

You can, however, do something on your own and with satisfaction: we can intervene on accessories such as bedspreads and decorative pillows.

Restoring the structural elements

You don’t have to remodel your bedroom to change its appearance.  You can give a building personality by highlighting its history, such as leaving some walls exposed. You can also do it all ourselves and with a small budget.

How to transform a wall into an open bookcase

Books are not only extraordinary companions in life but also serve a useful furnishing function. Let’s make our rooms more inviting and interesting by using them. Installing a series of wall-to-wall shelves that we will fill up with all your volumes.

Install a fireplace

Lucky are those who can climb into bed at night and light the fireplace. There are many fireplaces available today, and you can find the right one for your room.

Some models require connection to a flue, while others can be used with pellet stoves “without flue”. Although the installation process varies according to the model, it is best to hire a professional.

Insert a wing and “furnish it”

You can add a plasterboard wing to the wall behind the bed if the space is sufficiently deep. You can use it to hide a walk-in closet or bathroom or just mark the space to make it more interesting. You can place light points on the wings, paint them in a contrasting color to the walls, or cover it with wallpaper.

A bricklayer is required to install a plasterboard wing. An electrician will be needed if the light is to be applied.

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