6 Tips for Choosing a New Toilet

6 Tips for Choosing a New Toilet

The toilet, loo, or john is one of the most utilised and essential fixtures in any home. The water it uses and how well it flushes are more important than the colour and price. A high-quality model should be able to disinfect the bowl with just one flush while also reducing water usage. An unpleasant one can sting for two decades. This article will guide you in selecting a high-efficiency dunny that works for your space, wallet, and posterior. This post has compiled a few pointers to assist you if you plan to buy Toto toilets that will work best in your bathroom.

Make a Spending Plan

Having a financial limit in mind will greatly assist you in decision-making if you want to buy Toto toilets. There are countless possibilities for toilets in terms of brand, model, and style; setting a spending limit will help you focus your search.

Take a Look at the Pipes

The pipes in your current bathroom are already installed and optimised for your unique design. This, along with the confines of your bathroom, will limit your options for plumbing fixtures. You should consult a plumber if you wish to alter the plumbing to install the toilet of your choice, as doing so will incur additional costs that must be calculated. If you’re starting with a blank slate when designing your bathroom, you can install whatever kind of plumbing you like.

Recognise Your Pan Type

The S-trap, the P-trap, and the skew-trap are the three most common varieties of Australian pans. Waste is released from the toilet via a bend in the pipe known as the trap. A P-trap pipe goes through the wall, while an S-trap pipe goes through the floor. In certain older homes, you may come across a skew pan, a toilet with a pipe that protrudes from both the left and right sides of the bowl.

Get the Height of The Toilet Seat Right

Most toilets are available in two heights: the conventional height, which is what most people are used to, and a comfort height, which is two or three inches higher. Most people find comfort height toilets to be the most accommodating, yet this may not be the case if the toilet is used frequently by young children.

Take a Look at the Layout

Find out what kind of “set-out” you need before you go toilet shopping. With an S-trap, this is the height from the floor to the centre of the waste outlet, while with a P-trap, it is the height from the wall to the centre of the outlet.

Your home’s layout may differ from one of a different era. The typical set-out in modern homes is between 140 and 165 mm, which is suitable for most toilets. You have fewer options if the set-out is more significant than 200 mm or less than 100 mm. If you’re in the market to buy Toto toilets, bringing the dimensions of your current space is a good idea.

Get Familiar With the Many Flushing Options

The gravity-flush toilet was the only option for residential plumbing for many years. The flushing force of these toilets comes from the weight of the water itself. Having a basic flushing mechanism means these toilets require nothing in the way of upkeep, and many individuals find that they do just well with a gravity-flush toilet. To combat this, companies that make toilets began developing pressure-flush and other assisted-flush models to reduce water usage. With the help of air, the flushing pressure of these toilets is increased, making for a more effective and powerful flush.

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