5 Things To Pay Attention To Look More Put Together

You meet some people, and they look so ‘grown up.’ They have a sense of style and fashion. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. And then there are people who are the opposite of that. They put on clothes that work against them. Only if they knew how to dress themselves better. Dressing well is not shallow; it shows that you are self-aware and you care about how you are perceived. Continue reading to learn more about the topic.

Wardrobe Basics:

Everyone has that look; that look they stick to and works for them. Maybe for some, it is a little black dress. While for others, it might be a buttoned-down shirt with a blazer. For men, a clean shirt and a pair of freshly ironed trousers never fail. There is attractiveness in clean dressing. But, you must keep in mind to invest in quality clothing. Make sure you purchase branded clothing when it comes to the basics. You will look good and feel confident when you wear luxury brand items. Plus, the items will last longer as well, so it is a win-win situation.

Tailored Clothing:

Ill-fitted clothes are so 80s, out of fashion, and are gone for good. Nobody wants to be caught dead in ill-fitted baggy clothes (unless, of course, you are Billy Eilish). Tailored clothes hug your body in the right places, making you look truly put together. Therefore, pay a visit to your tailor and let them take your measurements. Once it is done, you may send new purchases to your tailor, who will alter your dresses according to the given measurements. You don’t have to go again and again unless you have a weight fluctuation problem.


You may have the most expensive dresses on, but if you don’t put on the right accessories, it won’t complete the look. Therefore, a lot of thought should go into picking the right shoes, handbags, belts, and more. The accessories need not be super expensive as it is not always about money. You can purchase them from a thrift shop and make it work. For example, you may purchase a few different designs of stacking rings and wear them accordingly. Everyone likes a touch of punk with their otherwise clean, formal look. Rings on men make them look adventurous and fun. Your accessories must reflect your personality.


Your look is incomplete without a pair of shoes. Most women would rather buy a nice pair of shoes than jewelry. The shoes are their love language to the world; no one can tell them otherwise. Branded shoes are made with a lot of care and love. Therefore, paying 750 dollars for a pair of Louis Vuitton is totally worth it.

Grooming Details:

You wear the right clothes; you accessorize well, but that is not the end of all. Proper grooming plays a major role in making you look good. You can’t have unkempt beards and messy hair and be okay with it. If you want to look good, you must work for it. Beauty is a power, and it doesn’t come without working hard. Women go to salons to look good; men go to the gym to look good. Therefore, if you want to look good, you must work for it. Be sure to wear the right cologne or perfume that is not too overpowering.

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