5 Hard Truths Worth Knowing About Endangered Elephants

When you picture African wildlife, the iconic elephant is often one of the first animals to come to mind. What you may not know, though, is that there are only about 45,000 wild elephants in existence today.

Endangered elephants include both African species as of 2021. Asian elephant populations are also considered endangered, too.

That means every species of elephant is on the brink of extinction. Losing elephants isn’t something we want 2021 to get remembered for. Read on to get informed about endangered elephants and learn how you can help them survive.

  1. The Ivory Trade Threatens Elephants

What’s rarer and more coveted than gold or money? If you said Ivory, then you’d be right.

Within ten years, half of Africa’s elephants perished due to the ivory trade. Once this fact came to light, the international community banned ivory trade. Recovery has been slow, and the impacts of ivory hunting are still felt today.

Never support illegal ivory hunters.

  1. Climate Change Threatens Them, Too

Climate change is also impacting elephants, too. The sub-Saharan region, where many elephants live, is facing water scarcity. As the globe heats up, water continues to disappear from African elephants’ habitats.

Elephants can help fight climate change, though. They help with natural carbon capture by simply living out their lives.

  1. 90% of Elephants Disappeared in the Last 100 Years

If you thought half of all elephants disappearing in ten years was bad, then this is worse.

Over 100 years, over 90% of elephants have vanished for good. While certain steps are in place to protect elephants, much more needs to get done.

  1. Elephants Are a Keynote Species

You might not think elephants are crucial to the ecosystem, but they are. They shape their environments and help support other wildlife. If they were to disappear, other species would suffer.

In fact, some African elephants are even skilled at creating watering holes!

  1. Global Action is Underway

After learning all these facts, you may wonder — why isn’t anyone doing anything?!

Well, global action is underway. There are countless organizations that aim to help. Learn more about Elephant Parade that gives 20% of their profits to help elephants. You can also research organizations like WWF or Save the Elephants (STE).

Endangered Elephants Need Our Help

Endangered elephants might appear to be a non-issue, but that’s not the case at all. As more species vanish from the Earth, the Earth will change forever and irreversibly. Unless you’re prepared to adjust to a new climate, you need to care about endangered animals.

Elephants are only the start. The more we protect native species and their habitats, the more we support the globe. Since we’re all inhabitants, that’s good for everyone.

So, are you ready to be a game changer? If so, then you can start taking action today by taking care of your space. Are you looking for more tips and tricks to help you live your best life? If so, then keep browsing through our blog now for more of our best content.

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