5 Essential Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube

Did you know that more than 500 hours of video content is uploaded per minute on YouTube? It is heavy competition and running behind metrics all the time. Communication through visuals is more effective than any other means. This is the reason more people are thronging this attractive platform. People are running behind time, so short and sweet video content is all they want.

But what is it with YouTube SEO that drives all content creators crazy? It is the process by which you optimize your videos on YouTube and aim for a wider audience. If you are a newbie looking for some fantastic tips to do this, the following is for you. 

1. Please select the right keyword and use it in your video.

The keyword is the term with which your viewers will be able to find your channel. Keyword research helps to select the right one. Reports reveal that long-tail keywords are the ones that win. To know what the right keyword is, just type the first few words of your topic on the search bar and check the list of auto-generated suggestions.

You will find a range of phrases that give an idea about what people are searching for. Also, be sure that you go with a keyword with a volume of more than a hundred searches. It is common sense that you should be going after what sells.

The next thing is to use the keywords in your title. The title is the attention-grabber for your videos. When you place the keyword in your title, it is easier for viewers to locate the video from among the ocean of videos on YouTube. For example, if your video is a product review, remember to place the product name in the title. Do not give misleading titles at any time, as viewers will learn your tactics and avoid your channel.

Another thing about keywords is to use them in your videos and speak them out louder. When YouTube processes the videos, it can pick the videos with keywords. This helps in ranking your channel better than the competitors. 

Many people miss out on this aspect, and even if their videos are stunning, they fail to grab attention.

2. Use closed captions effectively.

Most YouTubers do not recognize the importance of CC when they upload videos. You can add keywords in captions organically as search engines index through captions to amplify your ranking.

But, there is a catch here since auto-generated YouTube captions are not error-free. In your effort to rank your videos, you shouldn’t end up creating a mess. Check the captions before uploading and try to clean the errors, if any. Your YouTube Video Editor can help you here by providing suggestions or you can also seek the professional help of a video transcription company. 

3. Use social media to promote your videos.

Influencers on social media drive the world we are living in at present. The onus of using it effectively to your advantage lies in your hands. You should be active on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram to rank your videos on YouTube. 

Promote your videos on your other social handles by placing a link to your YouTube channel. Instill interest in your viewers through your posts and the subsequent video links.

Do you know that the watch hours of videos on Facebook are more than on YouTube? This is because of exclusivity. While YouTube is flooded with videos, these are limited on Facebook. 

4. Review your analytics.

A review would help a long way in improving whatever work you do. YouTube provides an analysis of the content you share, about your viewers, and your engagement. 

Feedback is the stepping stone for betterment. Through analytics that YouTubers receive frequently, you can analyze which of your content has made a good reach. You can find out what your viewers expect from you and upload content accordingly. Sometimes you may upload some content out of your passion. This may or may not go well with your viewers, and you must accept that.

Next is the audience retention video, which is vital for every YouTuber. For every video, metrics help you find the number of new visitors, unique viewers, and returning viewers. You can also find out when the viewers were focused and when they abandoned the video. Focus on the report and find out ways to retain your viewership. 

Another important thing here is to find out which video was more engaging. Metrics help you know this too. The like, share and subscribe that you hear on every video?? When you find these more in any video, it indicates that the video has more reach with your audience.

5. Aim to provide quality content consistently.

When you consistently offer high-quality content to your audience, you can be sure of retaining viewership. Ultimately, your videos on YouTube will rank better. Many people have moved to YouTube more than ever before. The reason? They find it as a platform to earn quickly. Wait! Truth is far from here. Any random video will not be able to scale on YouTube.

Content is the king, and quality content always wins. Work towards producing it, add a little suspense, engage with your audience more through live streaming, etc., and take care of the length of your videos. The shorter and crisper ones are those that excel in competition.

To summarise, we can see that YouTube is one of the powerful mediums to communicate with a broader audience. One out of two is watching videos on YouTube and searching for information. These days, it has become an excellent platform for academic learning too. 

There is no doubt that the number of viewers increases day by day. How you drive them to your channel depends on how well you use the tips. Do your research well and explore the most used search engine, YouTube. 

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