5 Best Tricks and Tips for using Cable Tie Guns

Some people think that cable ties, and thus cable tie guns, can only be used to tie cables, as the name might suggest. However the reality is that that cable tie guns can be used for a number of other purposes. Cable ties can be used to help secure and organise, decorate, lock, support, repair and assist with creation in areas such as crafting, trucking and gardening. 

So what are the five best tricks for using cable tie guns?

Floral arranging

Florists and cable tie guns may not seem to be a natural fit, but cable ties can actually be extremely useful for floral arranging. Flowers can be locked into position with the use of cable tie guns before they are settled into vases. A few cable ties sealed around the stems, not tightened too much in order to avoid cutting into or compressing the stalks, can help make terrific flower arrangements and make a florist’s life a lot easier. 


Those in the boating industry can also make surprising use of cable tie guns. Amateur and professional boaters alike often complain about the wearing off of the spray-painted depth markers on their anchor chains. Cable ties can serve as an alternative to paint, being simple to use but also lasting a lot longer. 

Boat anchor chains should be marked in ten-foot increments, either with the application of a cable tie at every ten feet of depth or by using colour codes for various depth measurements. For those who choose to make use of the latter option, a reference sheet should be created to state which cable tie colour relates to each depth.

Organisation and storage

Organising tools in any type of garage can be a tough challenge, but cable tie guns can be of assistance here too. A piece of pegboard can be mounted on a garage wall, and hanging loops of different sizes created with the use of versatile and strong cable ties. Thus cable tie guns help to provide a custom storage design that not only ensures that tools are always kept in easy reach but also enables things to be reconfigured as required, for the meagre cost of cable ties. 

Boat builders

Those who use plywood to build small boats such as canoes can also be helped by the use of cable tie guns. Boat makers frequently make use of cable ties to ensure that wood panels can be temporarily held in place before the application and curing of epoxy joints that are able to bond the pieces of boats together in a more permanent manner. 

Cabinet organization

Cleaning supply cabinets in many organisations are often short on space, but that space can be maximised by making use of cable tie guns. Cable ties can assist in the creation of hanging loops for lightweight items that can be organised on hooks such as scrub brushes, dustpans and dusters. 

Cable tie guns are an easy way to use cable ties and these are just some of the tricks and tips associated with their use. 

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