30 Minutes to Glow, We Got You Covered with Lotus Herbals Facial Kit

Imagine this: you have got to attend an unannounced function, and you are missing something important. While you decide to get ready and look in the mirror, the instant question, ‘Where is the glow,’ stresses you, Lotus Herbals facial kit is at your rescue. With a wide range of salon-grade facial kits, Lotus Herbals brings the goodness of nature to your doorstep to give you the glow in just 30 minutes. 

In this blog, we will introduce you to magnificently curated Lotus Herbals facial kits for you to shine bright on a particular day.

What are the benefits of facial?

Facial kits are designed to enhance the appearance of the skin while working on specific issues you are currently facing. Let’s see what a good facial does to your skin:

  1. Deep cleansing

Facials are an excellent way to remove impurities, dirt, and excess oil from the skin. A good exfoliator helps clean dead cells, whiteheads, and blackheads, leaving smooth and soft skin behind. 

  1. Hydration and nourishment

A massage in your facial is essential to deeply nourish the skin. It allows the skin to absorb the goodness of natural ingredients, making it supple. Hydrated skin looks plumper and potentially keeps the problems of fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

  1. Skin rejuvenation

When your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished, it rejuvenates with increased blood circulation. The ingredients in your Lotus Radiant gold facial kit helps in reversing premature ageing signs and repairing and healing skin. It leaves you with fresh, youthful, and radiant skin.

  1. Improves skin texture

Exfoliation removes all the pollutants, dead skin cells, and debris, making the skin smooth and improving its texture. It sets an even texture of the skin, giving it a healthy glow. 

  1. Promotes blood circulation

Massaging your facial products correctly enhances blood circulation and absorption of the ingredients. Improved blood circulation improves skin glow and health, making it shine naturally.

  1. Stress buster 

Whether you are the one throwing Bridezilla or at the receiving end, the chaos in a wedding takes a toss on your health. Facials help you to relax and soothe your mind. The massages and different techniques are used to relax you. The power of a peaceful mind sets you up for the event. 

  1. Reduces puffiness

The facial reduces puffiness on your face, especially around the eye area. It also reduces dark circles by deeply nourishing the sensitive area. Bright eyes are what you exactly need to glow on your special day.

  1. Addresses specific problems

Various facial kits are available to address specific problems like hyperpigmentation, suntan, dull skin, or premature ageing skin. You can address particular problems and ensure happy and glowing skin using these. 

  1. Smooth makeup base

A facial cleans the skin and makes it smooth and nourished. It sets the suitable canvas for your makeup to adhere to. The nourishment lets the makeup stay without cracking or gliding off due to dryness or excess oil. 

Which is the best facial kit for glowing skin?

The best facial kits are the ones with natural or herbal ingredients. Take a look at some of the bests from Lotus Herbals;

Lotus Herbals Radiance Boost Ubtan Gold Facial Kit

The age-old formula for glowing skin is packed in the facial to make it shine bright on a special day. It comes with the goodness of ubtan packed in a 5-step facial. It comes with a cleansing scrub, activating serum, massage crème, gold mask, and strobing lotion. The kit is excellent for those struggling with uneven skin tone and dull skin. 

Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Salon Grade Single Facial Kit

This one comes with the goodness of gold to give you instant radiance, rejuvenate and repair premature ageing skin, and provide even skin tone. It is a 4-step facial kit with an exfoliating cleanser, activator, massage cream, and a glorious gold mask. Sit and relax with this facial at-home kit while rejuvenating your skin, making it shine more youthful.

Radiant Bridal Glow Facial kit

As the name goes, it is the preferred one for the bride-to-be. It is infused with exotic rose oil and gold leaves to make your skin supple and radiant. It works on premature ageing signs, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and spots. This Lotus radiant gold facial kit with rose oil has a 5-step facial, cleansing gel, micro polisher, deep cell-activating serum, illuminating facial crème, and Algae peel-off mask. 

Explore the best facial kit for glowing skin by Lotus Herbals for your D-day. A good skincare day and night routine, healthy diet, and stress-free life with a potent facial help get a flawless and radiant look.

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