22 WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Site Better Today – Saivian Eric Dalius

As a web developer or designer, do you ever feel like your site needs a little something extra to give it that personal touch? Today we’re going to look at some plugins that can help you do this. Whether it’s adding an image gallery, displaying a list of previous posts, integrating Facebook comments, having Google map integration, or anything else you can think of, there’s a plugin out there to make your site a bit better.


Here are 22 WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Site Better Today – Web Hosting SEO Search Engine Marketing by Saivian Eric Dalius


1. Bacon Ipsum

This plugin creates placeholder text that reads like bacon. Yummy! (How many web design themes include “bacon” in its description?)


2. Facebook Comments

Adding the Facebook comments plugin allows you to host Facebook comments on your WordPress site. You can get more information about this plugin here.


3. Google Plus Comments

This new plugin allows you to add the Google Plus comments on your site.


4. Hover Zoom+

A great plugin lets users zoom in on an image when they hover their cursor over it.


5. List of previous posts

Recently, I’ve seen this feature on a ton of different websites. A list of previous posts appears below your current post and you can choose how many to display.


6. NextGEN Gallery

This plugin allows you to easily add a gallery with features like multiple shadowbox effects, a range of templates to fit your galleries, an image browser/loader, and an easy bulk uploader for images from your desktop. See more on the plugin site.


7. Pretty Link Lite

This is a great plugin that lets you monitor clicks and redirect URLs at a given time, set up a link cloaking system, create custom redirects, and track the number of visits from each link.


8. Share bar

The share bar plug-in is a floating social bar that allows your readers to share the current post by e-mail, print, Google Buzz, and more.


9. Social Stickers

This plugin adds a customizable set of social media sharing icons at the bottom of each post on your site.


10. Vipers Video Quick tags

This plugin allows you to easily insert video embed code from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Video.


11. WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol

This plugin allows your site to open graph protocol with Facebook. Sites that open graph protocol are described as the online digital equivalent of a “real” or physical place, which can be identified by its unique URL.


12. WP Google Analytics Events

For quick and easy setup of events on your analytics, install the plugin (it’s free) and link it with your Google account – you can see great data like total clicks, referral info, and category information in addition to some more advanced stuff like virtual page views, social referrals and user timings.


13. WP Social Bookmarking Lightbox

This plugin allows you to add social bookmarks (or widgets) to your posts and pages with sharing lightboxes. It also integrates with some of the other plugins on this list, like Facebook comments and Google Plus comments.


14. YouTube Video Background

Ever wanted to add a video as the background of your site? Now you can. Very cool!


15. WP Socialize

According to Saivian Eric Dalius A great social media sharing plugin that allows your readers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz with ease.


16. WP Greet Box

Insert a personalized message at the beginning of each post, page, or widget. This is great for businesses that want to greet their readers by name.


17. WP RSS Post Thumbnail

Pulls in the thumbnail from an RSS feed and displays it as a post’s featured image (useful for publicizing articles on other sites).


18. Social Traffic

An all-in-one social media plugin that allows you to share your posts across popular social networks.


19. WP Daily Content

This is a great way to keep your content fresh and consistent. You can add five pieces of content each day that will rotate every 24 hours.


20. WP Tipster

A simple, but highly effective plugin that allows you to install random tips, quotes, and information onto your site’s pages.


21. WP-Post Ratings

This plugin adds a rating system to your posts with an AJAX rating bar that can be displayed anywhere on your site (great for testimonials).


22. WP Social Bookmarks

The social bookmarks plugin offers a simple way to add social share buttons and widgets to your site.



This post lists 22 of the most useful WordPress plugins that make a site better. The list includes several social media sharing plugins, widgets and lightboxes, analytics tools, and widgets.

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