Is the super green pass at the hotel mandatory? What changes for the unvaccinated

Do I need a super green pass to go to the hotel? And will the unvaccinated still have access to accommodation facilities? Let’s see what the Draghi government has decided and what changes.

The unvaccinated can go to the hotel and make the holiday in Italy? With the introduction of the super green pass, the rules for accessing hotels also change. Not only, therefore, the squeeze on bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, and stadiums, but also the introduction of the green pass to access the accommodation facilities.

With the arrival of the super green pass, people are starting to wonder, especially given the Christmas holidays, if there will be restrictions on access to hotels. The novelty compared to the previous months is important: until now it was possible to freely access the hotels, but from 6 December the rules will change: you will only enter the hotels with the ‘basic’ green pass, therefore with the vaccine, healing or tampon.

The super green pass at the hotel

Tourists, in any hotel structure they decide to stay, must therefore show the pass resulting from vaccination, recovery, or negative swab. Not only with the super green pass, therefore, or the certification that is issued only in the event of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 in the last six months. For hotels, tampons are also included.

The government decided to put in place a real tightening to avoid closing the activities but without excessively penalizing the unvaccinated in terms of tourism and hotels. For hotels, therefore, the same line is followed in the field for entry to the office and on local public transport: a tampon may be sufficient.

What was planned for hotels so far?

Until now it was not necessary to have a green pass to access the hotels. Although there were some – albeit limited – exceptions for specific situations. However, no obligation was foreseen for entry not only to hotels but not even to B & Bs, campsites, agritourism, and landlords.

It meant that any person could enter hotels not only in case of lack of vaccination but also without having to undergo a swab. With the new decree on the green pass, however, the rules change.

The structures inside the hotels

The green pass – the classic one, which also includes tampons – is already required to access swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, and insurance center wellness centers, even within the accommodation facilities. Limitations that applied (and continue to apply) only to indoor activities.

Hotel guests had to show the green certificate to access certain areas of the structure, such as the swimming pools and the saunas. On the other hand, the green pass was not required to access the hotel restaurants, at least not for customers staying overnight in the structure. With the green pass, however, you will enter hotels only in the event of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, or a negative result of the swab.

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