10 ways to renovate house for little money

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to renovate your home or your business. You can make small changes such as painting the walls or adding shelves or drawers to increase the space.

These are some tips to help you invest your money wisely if you’re looking to renovate a portion of your ordinary house and mobile home.


Choose the area to be remodeled and assess all elements

First, choose the area in which you want to focus your efforts. This could be the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedrooms. The next step is to review every element in the space, such as:


  • Shelves and cabinets.
  • Furniture, lamps, cushions.
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Accessories and utensils
  • Sinks and sinks
  • Stove, microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Bed, bureau, desk, etc.


After evaluating each object, you can decide which objects will be left in the space, which you will recycle, or which you can renovate for another purpose, and then you can donate or sell to increase remodeling costs.


Multifunctional furniture can increase space efficiency

One of the most common reasons we think of when remodeling is underway is to expand the space. Multifunctional furniture can help you achieve this goal in the first instance.


Many furniture pieces can be used to maximize their utility and provide extra space. You might consider buying new furniture that has dual functions. Ask your local carpenter if he can adjust the furniture, you already own or even renovate it.


If these items do not provide enough space, you might consider expanding the room to completely resize it.


Paint your walls in your favorite color

The walls in any room can become worn and dirty over time, creating the impression of an old and neglected room. Any space can be painted in any color you choose.


When choosing a color, remember to consider the space’s dimensions. You can choose light colors if the room is narrower. This will visually expand your space and give it lighter.


Renew pipes, sinks, or sinks

You can change the key, the kitchen sink, or the bathroom sink to give life to these spaces. However, you should also take the time to renew the pipes as they are subject to wear and tear.


Keep the floor level

You can also give your house a 360-degree transformation by maintaining the floor. This is possible in any concrete, vinyl, or laminate flooring. Hire someone to do it or do it yourself.


You can only replace the worn pieces in a room with a vinyl, laminate, or tile floor.


After your floor is clean, you can do a deep clean with a specific cleaner for each type. Later you can polish the floor or use oils and waxes.


Concrete floors can be renovated as follows:


  • Fill in cracks and marks made by cement.
  • To create a uniform surface, level the floor.
  • Apply varnishes or lacquers to the area and paint it.


Make your shelves and cabinets

You can make shelves from materials like wood or plastic crates, concrete boards, blocks, boards, or pipes with just a bit of color and a drill. You will need to spend a few dollars on paint, screws, anchors, or glue, and you’ll only need a weekend to make them.


Curtains: Change curtains or invest in them

Curtains have a direct effect on the ambiance of your home. They not only filter light but can also be used as decorative objects. You will notice a difference in your room if you have curtains that are worn or discolored.


Increase the light in your room

The importance of light in any room is paramount. This is why it is so easy to install without spending a lot on skylights and new windows.


  • Add two additional lights to your electrical system.
  • Use cold-light led bulbs to get more luminosity and last longer.
  • For dark corners, invest in a few lamps.


Plants will fill the space

Cacti, succulents, and ferns are great options to spice up any space. They also require less light than other plants and are easy to maintain. This is a great way to renovate and decorate any part of your home, including the kitchen and bedrooms.


Use memories and a variety of lights to decorate the walls

Wall decor can transform a room, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can go through your souvenir drawer to find items including photos and drawings from your children you can frame and give as gifts, statuettes, or memories from your vacation.


After you’ve chosen the decoration, you want to put on your wall, you can add a few lights to make it stand out. You can even use the ones you bought for New Year and Christmas.

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