10 Ways to market your pottery business in Singapore

In a pottery business, it is crucial to be aware of the importance of marketing. Marketing in this case entails getting your name out there so that you can get more customers and have a higher chance at success.

However, it is recommended to get potters training from the professionals like terra & ember and then start your own business.

In order for your pottery business to become successful, not only do you need to produce beautiful pieces but also promote them in different ways such as through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are both free tools that allow anyone with an account to post content on their profile page or make posts about anything they want. Promoting your pots on these channels will help spread the word about what you’ve made and give people who aren’t following you already a reason why they should follow up with your work.

1) Invite potential customers to view/purchase your wares online

The first, and most simple way to promote your business is to make a Facebook page or Instagram account. Once you’ve done that, create posts on your timeline or feed about the wares you’ve made. This way, people can see it without having to go anywhere else for information.

2) Discounts are very effective, especially on holidays

If you decide to offer discounts or free shipping on a particular day or during a special event, be sure that your customers know about it. Whether you use the aforementioned social media channels for this promotion or just post a coupon code on your website, make sure anyone who decides to check out your site knows how they can benefit from the discount.

3) Offer free samples to potential customers

A great way to give people a taste of what you have to offer is by offering them samples. Things like biscotti at a high-end bakery or hand soaps at a handmade soap store can be used as promotional items and may help pique the interest of potential customers.

4) Tag your wares on social media sites

Since social media sites are a great source of free advertising, tagging your products in interesting photos that you see or creating posts about your wares will draw people to your website and give potential customers an idea of what you’re selling. If someone decides they like what they see, they’ll likely follow you online and become more invested in what you have to offer.

5) Offer pottery classes for kids or adults

Getting the word out about the lessons your pottery studio offers is a great way to get people interested in purchasing items from your store. Pottery is something that many people enjoy, so it isn’t uncommon to see people in your area attend these types of classes or workshops. If you’re able to advertise the fact that you offer these lessons, it could be beneficial for your small business.

6) Shoes can make great giveaways

This idea generally works well with boutiques because everyone needs shoes, but even pottery shops are able to benefit from giving away shoes. Since people wear shoes every day, the one you give them may be something they use for a long time since it’ll remind them of your store.

7) Offer buy-one-get-one-free deals on pottery pieces

If you have trouble selling certain wares because they aren’t popular enough, you can offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal on them. People want what they think other people don’t have, so if you use this promotion on something that’s not widely available at other stores, then more people will likely select it while shopping in your store.

8) Have an online forum for customers to discuss what you offer

If you don’t already have one, consider creating an official online forum for your pottery shop. This will give your customers the opportunity to create their own “home” on your website where they can talk about what you sell and suggest ideas to improve the products you offer.

9) Discounts for frequent customers

If someone is a regular customer of yours, they’ll likely want to continue shopping at your store as much as possible. If you offer frequent customers discounts on their purchases or free shipping standards, then they may be more willing to spend money on things from your site instead of somewhere else.

10) Create a Facebook promotion to attract new customers

Since social media is free and relatively easy to use, you should try creating a Facebook campaign that targets people who live in your area or who have similar interests to you. This can be done by running a contest where the winner gets their purchase for free or offering a coupon code that’s only valid through your Facebook page.

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