Why Should You Choose UK for Your Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies?

For students who want to study abroad, there are several potential destinations. So, if you have saved up to fulfil your dream of studying overseas, the next step is to choose the country. While countries like Canada and Australia have ways to tempt potential students, the UK is the best place to study for locals and international students. Therefore, if you are a graduate looking for the perfect degree and institution to build a successful career, you shouldn’t miss this post. Here, we’ll tell you why you should study in the UK.

10 Reasons to Study in the UK

Check out what makes the UK one of the top destinations t earn a professional degree:

1.      World’s Top Universities

16% of the top 100 universities across the world are located in the UK. Universities like UCL, Cambridge, and Oxford are some of the most sought-after academic destinations for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Brilliant students from all over the world come here to study and build better career prospects. The UK is also a historically significant academic destination, as universities like Oxford and Cambridge have been operational for over 800 years. As a result, the education standard in the UK is on a different level compared to other countries.

2.      Culture Diversity

Student diversity is one of the defining qualities of the UK’s academic environment. You can see a beautiful spectrum of cultures here. In the 2019-2020 academic year, 538,615 international students enrolled in different subjects in various universities in the UK. When people from all around the world interact with local students, they share their culture and knowledge. Overseas, students learn from their teachers as well. So, apart from getting a quality education, international students learn about different cultures.

3.      Various Degree Programmes

With the world advancing rapidly, several new subjects and fields have entered the academic horizon. So, if you are interested in pursuing a subject other countries don’t offer, you should consider studying in the UK. Universities in the UK offer degrees in various new branches of traditional fields such as business, technology, art, architecture, management, media, and journalism. Collectively, there are over 3000 different degree programs offered by colleges in the UK. Some of these programs are only offered here.

4.      Comparatively Shorter Degrees

Normally, universities offer 4 or 5-year undergraduate degree programs and 2-year master’s programs. However, if you’re studying full-time in the UK, you can finish your degree in just 3 years. Likewise, you can get a master’s degree in just a year after studying full time. So, if you want to get a quality education without spending extra on living expenses and submitting fees for an extra year, you should enrol in a British university. Even if you work while studying, you can complete your degree a lot quicker.

5.      Improve Your Command of the English Language

As an overseas student, it’s normal not to be fluent in English. However, if you want to speak and write like an  English native speaker, studying in the UK is your true calling. When you frequently communicate with the locals, you quickly develop fluency and the famous “British Accent.” Apart from gaining command of the English language, you also learn other languages like French, Spanish and Italian as students from all over Europe come to the UK to study.

6.      Affordable Living

Compared to the US, living expenses in the UK are pretty affordable. Even if you don’t have the money, you can easily live here working part-time. In addition, cities like London and Liverpool are pretty affordable in terms of house rent and transport. There are also several high quality hostels for students, and all of them are quite affordable.

7.      Largest Library in the World

Here’s a fun trivia, the world’s largest library, the British Library, is in the UK. It’s located near the King’s Cross train station. This library houses over 170 million items and is visited by thousands of students every day. This library also has a massive reading room, where students can study in complete silence. So, if your college’s library doesn’t contain the course material you require, you can find it here at the British Library. In addition, you can check out other iconic libraries like the Bodleian Library in Oxford and Liverpool Central Library.

8.      Employment

Unemployment is a global social and financial issue. People pay thousands of dollars worth of tuition fees to get a degree. However, if your degree doesn’t get you a job, it isn’t very helpful. Fortunately, the UK has one of the best employment opportunity rates in the world. Don’t believe us? Check the recent QS Graduate Employability Ranking, and you will see more than one British university in the top 10.

9.      Health Facilities

The USA is the only academic destination to give competition to the UK. However, medical expenses are extremely high in the US, and affording health facilities is almost impossible for students if they don’t work and have no insurance. Meanwhile, medical expenses are a lot more affordable in the UK. Also, the British government offers quite a few health facilities to people studying in the UK. For example, the National Health Scheme offers sponsored medical treatment for 6 months or more to students of government colleges. Furthermore, even if you’re studying in a private institute, you can avail multiple medical facilities in the UK.

10.  A Mixture of History and Modernity

The UK has pretty amazing malls and modern buildings. However, there are a lot of historic and well-preserved buildings you can observe. You can also visit many castles, many of them are located in suburban areas. Furthermore, you can explore different countries in the UK during summer breaks, as one visa allows you to visit every country in the European Union (EU).

There you have it! These are the reasons why the UK should be your dream academic destination. However, life won’t be easy here. You will have to study hard and get good grades to land high-paying jobs. Also, while studying, you’ll complete various types of assessments. One of them is the common nemesis of students worldwide, i.e., dissertations. When done wrong, it badly affects a students’ grades.

Moreover, since writing a dissertation requires a lot of time and energy, you might risk missing out on different interesting concepts in your academics. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to go for a dissertation help service. There are many dissertation writing services in the UK, and they can help you write quality theses and score good grades. However, if you want to score the best grades, you should consider our dissertation help online.


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