10 gift ideas for the CBD oil lover

CBD is that one magic product that has become everybody’s favorite recently. People not only smoke it but also like using other products containing CBD. This season, people are desperately hunting for CBD products. What would be a better way to relax without getting high, right? But first, kudos to you for thinking of gifting a CBD oil tincture product to your loved ones. They have luckily got someone who thinks of unique gifts for them! With so many innovative CBD oil products available around us, gifting options are plenty.




To make that go well for you, it’s us to the rescue. We have brought you ten unputdownable gift ideas for someone who loves CBD oil. Some may come as a surprise for you, or you may even find them weird. But, if they love CBD, they are going to love your gift for sure.


CBD tea packs

Everyone loves their morning tea. But, if the tea gets the company of CBD, the mornings can be even more pleasant. With the fresh smell of CBD in the tea, one can start their day on a rejuvenating note. You can give a set of CBD-infused tea bags containing added flavors. Chamomile, ginger, peppermint, turmeric, etc., could be some suitable choices.


CBD Hair products

Let’s accept it. We all are guilty of being in awe of how our hair smells on a shower day. Luckily, we can enjoy the pleasant aroma of CBD on your shower days. There is a wide range of hair products containing CBD oils available. Shampoos, conditioners, oils, gels, hair wax, what not? For someone who likes taking good care of their hair, this can be a sweet present. You can gift a whole range of hair products or just the one you think they will like.


CBD Face mask

Skincare is something that people are increasingly adopting in their lifestyle. It maintains our skin and keeps it young. Also, skincare helps us take time out for a self-pampering session every once in a while. Face masks, especially sheet masks, are trending a lot right now. The nourishing formula in the oils of the facemasks seems to work wonders. You can sponsor one or many such skin care sessions for your loved ones by gifting them a CBD face mask. They will love the gift as it will soothe their skin and mind alike!


CBD Hand sanitizer

Okay, we know this can sound very weird. Thanks to the COVID-19 situation, sanitizers have become an undetachable part of our routines. We use them multiple times daily and are pretty much bored of the smell of the alcohol. For a CBD oil lover, what better than that smell every time they sanitize their hands? So, if you are up for giving something sensible and practical, this may be a smart option for you.


CBD Beddings

This one is another possibly absurd-sounding option. But, come on! Haven’t we already heard about bedsheets and blankets containing medicinal properties? CBD beddings are a new and intriguing discovery. You can buy a nice set of bedsheets infused with CBD oils and tinctures. One of the most extraordinary benefits of CBD is facilitating sound sleep. Considering that, CBD beddings are a great product to gift. They will thank you on every tiring day when they hit the bed at night!


CBD Bath Salts

A long and relaxing bath is all we want on a day off. Some like it with scented candles and rose petals. And some people like a nice bubble bath with soothing music to top it off. In both cases, an aromatic CBD bath salt can enhance the experience a lot. The smell will add up well to the overall mood of the bath while quietly working to calm your mind and body with CBD.


CBD Body Lotion

There are very few people who would not like a sweet-smelling body lotion. Body lotions tend to stay on our skin for hours and leave a subtle smell behind. CBD body lotions can be a blessing for CBD lovers as the smell will help them get through the day well. Moreover, they are also said to help efficiently with pain relief and inflammation.


CBD Muscle Rubs

Be it a crazy night out with friends or a hard-working day at the gym, the next day sucks. Our muscles take revenge for all the exertion we gave them. We usually turn to muscle relaxant sprays and gels to get relief. And don’t even get me started about the pungent and everlasting smell that anyone can tell. You can give a thoughtful gift to your loved ones for those days, a CBD muscle rub. They contain menthol, essential oils, and CBD, making them fit for curing body aches. The aroma will also help with bad headaches or hangovers.


Flavored CBD Oils

CBD oils are not a very new thing in the market now. One can enjoy all the benefits of CBD with a touch of exciting new flavors to make the effects feel pleasing. Many companies are offering appealing flavors like citrus, berry, vanilla, etc. But, how about gifting a set of oils containing unique flavors? You can choose many different options and gift a whole set of flavored CBD oils to your loved ones.




CBD Eye Patches

Our stressful work lives require us to stay in front of our laptops day in and day out. If your friend or relative is stuck in that routine too, this would be the best for them. You can gift them gel patches infused with CBD oils to soothe tired eyes. It helps to reduce dark circles providing relaxation and a good night’s sleep.


That’s It, Folks!

These were some of the compelling options of products you can gift to a CBD oil tincture enthusiast. This list contains gender-neutral products. Out of the ten options, we are sure you can find at least one that would make a lovely gift. CBD has reached its peak of popularity, which has given birth to some unimaginable kinds of products. So, you have options for everyone. We hope your loved ones adore the gift and appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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