The Best Log Cabin Kits in Canada and the USA

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Open fields and endless skies. Vibrant forests and paths off the beaten trails. Bright horizons and towering mountain peaks. These and many more are some of the greatest settings to enjoy the experience that is nature. 

Nature has been all around us since humanity first walked the earth. It is a natural part of our ecosystem, and one that we live and thrive with. It is just as beautiful as it endless, as wondrous as it is pleasant. I say all this from personal experience myself, but the question I’d like to ask you is have you ever considered experiencing it?

Oh sure, just as nature has its own wonders, it also has its own dangers as well. There are animals, natural disasters, and more that may deter you from braving such a venture. You may prefer the safety and comfortability of your city or neighborhood. But just like nature, and as we all know, they too have their own threats. 

But thankfully, like a city’s police department or safety drills, there are ways to experience nature both safely and comfortably. Things such as bear spray or traveling in groups are just one of many methods. But there is one particular method that I’d like to discuss in this article; a homey and great experience to ensure you enjoy nature to its best. What I’m talking about dear readers, are log cabins. 

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What are Log Cabins?

As the name implies, log cabins are small-large houses made entirely out of wood (see more here). And I mean entirely, lacking any of the other materials you may commonly see in houses in the suburbs such as concrete or plaster. They are mainly situated in the boughs of nature, specifically tailor-made for the surrounds. From the foot of a hill to the top of a mountain, or even as deep into the boughs as you can get. 

They have been around for a long time in our history, going so far back as to the Middle Ages. And they have been repeatedly in use since then, whether from European settlers or the occasional tourist. Log cabins have been a key development for housing in the backyard of nature’s own frontier. 

What are the Benefits?

Investing in a log cabin has its own advantages, especially when in nature. If you are hesitant, here are some benefits you can take down for your information.

  1. Low Maintenance – Log cabins are made completely from natural materials. This makes them well insulated for hot summers or cold winters, and as a bonus keeps the structure free from chemicals and toxins.
  2. Rural and Quiet – They are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns. They make their foundation in the boughs of nature, which is quieter and more scenic. It’s a great place for those who seek the silence, solitude, and beauty of nature. 
  3. Affordability- Though you may not think it, log cabins are an affordable venture to invest in as your next home or vacation house. This is surely more preferable than renting from high-priced hotels or resorts. More benefits can be found on websites such as this:

How to Get One?

Thinking about getting a log cabin is one thing. So, what if you’re actually ready to have one for yourself? The most common method is of course, buying one. There are plenty of sites that have cabins for sale or for rent.

But if you want the true experience, then you may want to consider having one built for yourself. Just as there are sites and companies to buy or rent cabins from, there are also sites to help you build your own little house on the prairie or mountain. From materials to foundation, to posts or beams and logs or brick. Places like Mountain Ridge and their Mountain Ridge handcrafted log cabin can help you build your dream home in nature. 

brown wooden house in the woods


So, after reading all of this, do you feel ready to take that next step into nature’s embrace? Do you have the desire to camp beneath the stars, make a fire for roasting meals, or take that trek off the main road or beaten bath? If so, then maybe consider doing so with the same comfortability and safety provided in any suburb home. Log cabins are a must when communing with and experiencing nature. You can check here to know more.

At a great cost, with great advantages, and no shortage of opportunities to be had. These wooden homes are just the first but most important step, when building a foundation for your adventure in the forest. So, take that step outside, and make sure the door you step out of is made from wood and smells of oak and pine. 

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